Zlatan Ibrahimovic announces he has beaten the coronavirus, cursing the epidemic

Milan’s striker Ibrahimovic defeats Covid-19

Milan’s star Zlatan Ibrahimovic defeated the coronavirus. The 39-year-old football player announced on social media that he survived the disease by cursing the coronavirus.

Milan Footballer Zlatan İbrahimovic announced that he defeated the virus after the coronovirus test was negative. Swedish football player covid19 cursed him on social media.

  • It was reported that Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Swedish striker of Milan, one of the Italian First Football League (Serie A) teams, survived the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) disease.
  • In the statement of the Milan Club, it was stated that the last two Kovid-19 tests made to Ibrahimovic were negative, and the health officials of the city of Milan ended the player’s quarantine.
  • In his post on his Twitter account, Ibrahimovic said, “You have recovered. Health authorities have reported that the quarantine is over. You can exit.” used the expressions.
  • The red-black club announced on September 24 that the 39-year-old striker tested positive for Kovid-19 and the player quarantined him.

Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who played in Milan, one of the Italian Serie A teams, survived the new type of coronavirus disease. The boot team announced that the last coronavirus test made on Ibrahimovic was negative and the quarantine process was over.

After the club’s announcement, a share came from Ibrahimovic. The star player, who actively uses Twitter and has close to 7 million followers, used the tags “Quarantine is over. Health officials said that the quarantine is over”, saying “s … and God is coming for you”. This share received thousands of likes and comments in a short time.

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