Zjarr TV presenters are back in all their nudity

Zjarr TV presenters were on the agenda with their images while presenting the news. The news channel’s low-cut news presentation became the agenda again: They used the phrase ‘We present the news with all its nakedness’.

The low-cut news presentation format of Zjarr TV, which started broadcasting in Albania a few years ago, became the agenda again on social media.

Zjarr tv presenters are back in all their nudity gmspors

While Eliona Pitarka and Enkeleda Braçaj’s presenting the main news with low-cut was on the agenda again, the format attracted attention all over the world when it was broadcast.

The format, which was criticized by some, was supported by another and even increased the advertising revenues of the channel.

When the newscaster of the Albanian News Channel Zjarr appeared before the cameras for the presentation, the audience was surprised at what happened.

Zjarr tv presenters are back in all their nudity gmspors

Many viewers commented, “My child was with me, I was surprised how to turn off the TV”.

Later, it was learned that the famous presenter always presented her news in the same style, and this situation was not new.

Enki Bracaj and Eliona Pitarka

Enki Bracaj and Eliona Pitarka were female newscasters presenting nude news for Zjarr TV, which started broadcasting in Albania. Now Enki and Eliona have become famous social media phenomena. Bare-breasted newscasters Enki Bracaj and Eliona Pitarka gained thousands of fans on Instagram.

“This format, which is viewed as nudity, contains what the Albanian media has not until now. The truth! True news without lies. Naked news! My reaction if and if I contribute a little to this… Continue!”

“We, as a country, are a people who applaud standing up for our singer, whom we sent with the same decollete to represent our country at Eurovision. That’s why I don’t find these criticisms realistic. The situation is like a cat saying that the liver it cannot reach is impure…”

The host lashed out at the question, “Don’t you commodify the woman’s body?”: “In the world we live in, it’s ridiculous for me to ask this question. No matter how meta Sharon Stone was while filming ‘Basic Instinct’, Lady Gaga would appear in front of millions of people with just a veil and give a concert to the whole world. the more meta her body is while she’s giving it, the more meta the models are in swimsuit ads… Well, so is ours.”

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