Zaira Nara, sister of Wanda Nara, criticizes her sister

One criticism of Wanda from his brother! He held the ball saying, ‘Even if he sneezes, he will make a headline. Wanda’s sister became the agenda after criticizing her sister. Zaira Nara was on the agenda with an interview she gave to argentina journalists.

Zaira Nara, sister of Wanda Nara, wife and manager of Argentine striker Mauro Icardi, gave an extensive interview to the Argentine press and made remarkable statements about her brother. Zaira commented about her sister, “Wanda is a headline maker.”

One criticism of Wanda from his brother!

Zaira Nara, who, like her brother, had a love affair with a famous football player and returned from the brink of marriage with Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan, stated that Wanda taught him many things.

Stating that he does not have to explain everything his brother Wanda did, Zaira Nara said, “Wanda is a headline machine. Even his sneezing becomes news. Maybe the price I pay is because he wants ideas in everything he does. I am not his spokesman and it is not my duty to explain what he does.”

“We are both different personalities and our choices are also different. He can share his photo from the private jet with his branded bag if he wants to, but considering his surroundings, this behavior is not exaggerated. This is also about his commercial business at some point,” he said.

Saying that Wanda is her biggest supporter in life despite being different characters, Zaira said, “Despite the difference in our existence, there is no one better to consult with him than him. We constantly look for each other to support. He is very lively, intelligent and always one step ahead with his looks. More than enough to avoid any discussion. tolerant and careful. ”

“Her suggestion to me has always been: Zai, respect yourself. It taught me to set limits, to value myself, and to solve any problems in life quickly and easily,” she said.

Wanda Nara Maxi Lopez post-breakup:

After Wanda Nara broke up with her father after leaving Maxi Lopez, Zaira asked whether she reconciled the two, “There were times when I mediated between my father and him. Then I realized that there was no behavior suitable for my personality.”

“I don’t like convincing a person what he or she is going to feel. Especially in family members. Because everyone has their own explanation for their own behavior. If my father asks me about Wanda, I will answer him, or vice versa.”

“But I do absolutely nothing to bring them together. I understand the positions of both,” he said.

Wanda Nara had previously criticized her ex-wife Maxi Lopez harshly and reacted to her bringing her children from Paris to Milan despite the coronavirus pandemic, saying, “What is the quarantine for a global epidemic by exposing our children to travel from one country to another at a time when no one wants to go out. I wonder if you are piercing with thought. You travel and come to Lombardy, the epicenter of the epidemic. What do you have in your mind in these moments when the most sacred thing in the world should be the health of our children? I am angry because of your unconsciousness. If you do not think about yourself, consider them because you are the mother of 5 children but you do not seem to be aware of it “he used expressions. .

Zaira Nara Server and Model

Zaira Tatiana Nara, Argentine television presenter and model. Zaira Nara, 2 years younger sister of Wanda Nara, also draws attention with her beauty.

  • Zaira, who is Icardi’s sister-in-law and breathtaking with her sexy shares, is a proof that beauty has continued for generations in the Nara family.
  • The sexy model and presenter, who started dating Manchester United’s Uruguayan star Diego Forlan in 2009, left surprisingly from the name she was later engaged to.
  • Zaira, who started to have a relationship with the Argentine tennis player Juan Monaco in 2011, ended this relationship three years later.
  • Zaira, who has been the advertising face of many brands such as Herbal Essences, McDonald’s, La Serenísima, Gillette, Pantene and Falabella, is also known for her sexy poses.

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