Yrma Lydya murdered by her older husband

Yrma Lydya was brutally murdered by her elderly husband. Yrma was killed by her 79-year-old husband.

21-year-old singer Yrma Lydya was murdered by her 79-year-old husband, whom she wanted to divorce. The 79-year-old old man brutally murdered his young wife.

21-year-old Mexican singer Yrma Lydya was shot and killed multiple times in a restaurant by her 79-year-old lawyer husband, Jesús Hernández, with whom she wanted to leave.

21-year-old singer Yrma Lydya dies

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21-year-old singer Yrma Lydya, who has been trying to divorce her husband for two months, was attacked by her husband while she was having dinner in the private section of a restaurant in the Mexican capital. The singer’s wife, Jesús Hernández, who came to the venue with her bodyguard, shot her young wife many times while she was eating. After the incident, the singer died, while her husband Jesús Hernández and his bodyguard were arrested.

21-year-old Mexican vocalist Yrma Lydya was shot and killed on numerous occasions in a café by her 79-year-old legal counselor spouse, Jesús Hernández, with whom she needed to leave.

Jesús Hernández tried to bribe the policemen who had arrested him to release him. Mexican newspaper Excelsior reported that Lydya had spoken to a law firm to get a divorce from her abusive husband, and that she had repeatedly reported to the police. She was threatened to be killed with a gun by her husband in December 2021. It is not known how long Lydya, who is a folk singer, has been married to her husband Jesus.

An eyewitness said that Jesus fired three times at Lydya, the third bullet hitting her in the head. While the investigation into the incident continues, Jesus and his bodyguard were taken to prison.

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The 21-year-old Mexican singer, who was shot by her 79-year-old lawyer husband, had been trying to divorce her for months before shooting her in the middle of her Mexico City restaurant.

Yrma Lydya’s mother demanded justice at the singer’s funeral

Ms. María Jiménez was horrified at the final farewell of the interpreter, who was shot dead in a restaurant in Mexico City, presumably by her partner.

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This Monday, June 27, the family and friends of the late singer Yrma Lydya gathered at the Panteón Civil de Dolores in Mexico City to bid farewell to the woman who was killed with at least two gunshot wounds on Thursday, June 23. possibly committed by her husband, Mr Jesús Hernández Alcocer, who is now in preventive detention.

This afternoon, a body mass was held at the funeral, attended by her close friends, family members, and parents, David Gamboa and María Jiménez, who dismissed the 22-year-old daughter amid applause and demands for justice.

The mother of the deceased artist made statements to the journalists who were present after the grave, emphasizing the cry for justice in the terrible incident whose investigation is still ongoing.

“I want justice for my daughter, with impunity, that’s all I can say right now for all the women who were injured (killed),” said Ms. María, visibly impressed and thanked the demonstrations. There was support and solidarity from the people.

“Thank you so much for the support you have given me, but I want and demand a lot of justice for him and all the women.” When asked if the family was “afraid of retaliation”, the lady chose not to comment, “I don’t want to talk right now, I can’t say anything right now”.

How old was Yrma Lydya?

Mexican singer Yrma Lydya was 21 years old.

How Old Is Jesús Hernandez?

Killer Jesús Hernandez Ages 79

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