YouTuber James Charles with 25 Million Followers Confesses to Child Abuse

James Charles, who shares content on YouTube with more than 25 million followers, admitted that he had sexually explicit conversations with two children under the age of 18. Apologizing in the confession of the allegations, YouTuber announced that he will not allow such a thing again.

Although he was only known in the US in the early stages of his career, youTuber named James Charles, who is now famous worldwide, has been accused of sexual abuse since the early days of 2021. The YouTuber, which allegedly has more than 25 million subscribers, sent sexually explicit messages to two children under the age of 18. Charles, who released a video yesterday, made statements on the subject, admitted that the allegations were true.

Confessing in the video in question, YouTuber expresses that he understands how wrong he is doing. YouTuber, who said that he had spoken to one of the children last year and the other a short time ago, expresses that he regrets what he did and that such a thing should never happen. Charles, who said he made mistakes, was aware that it was necessary to get to know children and learn their ages from different platforms before talking to children.

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YouTuber James Charles “I hold myself to blame”

In the title of the 14-minute video he prepared, YouTuber stated “I feel responsible” and apologized to the children and their families. Stating that he will be much more careful from now on, Charles stated that he will also receive trainings on the subject. However, this incident is not the first for James Charles. YouTuber has been accused of similar incidents in recent years, but the allegations have been covered.

The internet phenomenon, involving child abuse cases, is gradually increasing both in other countries and in the United States. For example, musician and YouTuber Austin Jones, who has millions of fans in the US, was convicted of child abuse. Also, David Dobrik, one of the top-earning YouTubers of 2020, was accused of rape. internet phenomenon known as cloud Gaga in Turkey, coronaviruses have been sentenced to prison for the crime of child abuse in the pre-pandemic had been evacuated because of the outbreak.

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The Most Published Platform for Child Abuse Images Turned Out to be Facebook

According to a new report published, Facebook was the platform where the most child abuse images were shared in 2020. According to the information in the report, more than 20 million images of child abuse were shared on Facebook in 2020 alone.

One of the biggest problems we encounter on social media platforms and on the internet in general is the sharing of images that cause child abuse. The internet is turning into an unsafe area for children, especially with the decreasing level of consciousness as the age decreases, but as you can imagine, it is not possible to expect children not to use the internet anymore.

At this point, it seems a bit of a parent’s hand, but it is also not a healthy idea to expect their children to check what they are doing online every second, and where they post photos and videos. Most children are not able to act consciously, especially at the point of sharing photos and videos, resulting in criminal situations.

More than 20 million images of child abuse were shared on Facebook in 2020:

More than 20 million images of child abuse were shared on Faceobook in 2020, according to a report from the National Council for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Since the criminals sharing these images have not been sanctioned by Facebook or faced any ban, the increase in the number day by day is considered ‘natural’ by the authorities.

At this point, Facebook is expected to implement a more active precautionary policy regarding child abuse images. Officials from Facebook stated that they have the technology to do this, detect and remove images of abuse before they spread. Facebook is known to be working on this kind of policy right now, and it is expected to take necessary and adequate steps to prevent these images in the near future.

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