You’re beautiful, the Russian model shares fun content on Instagram

Dancer and Social media content producer Anastasia Malysheva continues to share her bold poses and funny videos on Instagram.

Sometimes she sings and sometimes she twerks. She’s a crazy girl and has more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Anastasia Malysheva was beginning to attract attention with her blonde hair and strange movements. Nowadays, she earns thousands of dollars a month thanks to her millions of fans.

Youre beautiful the russian model shares fun content on instagram 3 gmspors

She is one of the most impressive assets on Instagram with her natural beauty and broken body. The reason for Anastasia Malysheva, whose appearance will captivate you.

Model from Russia and professionally engaged in modeling, in particular, cooperates with swimwear companies. And – if we look at her Instagram photos – we can understand why.

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