Young woman with falling nipples after plastic surgery, caught bacteria eating human flesh

It was found that the young woman, whose nipples fell off after the plastic surgery, got bacteria that eats human flesh.

Her nipples fell off after 23-year-old beauty specialist Cherrise Massey‘s plastic surgery. The young woman, who rushed to the hospital in pain, was found to have caught bacteria that ate human flesh.

23-year-old beauty expert Cherrise Massey, who lives in Manchester, England, came to Istanbul for breast lift surgery. Chrerrise, who was injected with a breast implant in her hip after eight hours of surgery, was taken to the emergency room when her pain began.

When he returned to his country, when the pain in his breasts did not subside, Cherrise, who went to the doctor, was found to have caught a bacterium that eats human flesh. Cherrise said about the incident; “I made a very good research before going to the clinic in Turkey.”

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“I went there when my friends who had surgery at the same clinic recommended it. My breasts sagged after I gave birth, so I was looking forward to doing a breast lift operation as soon as possible.”

“I decided to have implants instead come breast lift surgery to Turkey. I woke up after the operation I feel bad too raised my head. I tried to explain to the nurses but could not communicate because they speak English. It was different implant sizes they wear my chest. After a while, pains dinmeyin by Ph.D. accept me Implant my body he said they had to rip it back down because it didn’t. ”

“The doctors saw that the purple of my nipples in Turkey told me that now in a short time that it was a normal thing. My nipples in a week when I returned to England I fell to the ground because of the shock I experienced when I saw him fall.”

Cherrise, who had a very bad odor on her body due to her falling nipples, is now being treated in her country. Cherrise, who doctors say is infected with a meat-eating bacteria and is more likely to become infected, will be undergoing surgery if her condition worsens.

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