Young Simon Houlder, who was jokingly thrown into the river by his friends, is dead

Young Simon Houlder, who was jokingly thrown into the river by his friends, is dead. The young football player, who was thrown into the river by his friends as a joke, died after being caught in the propeller of the boat.

Simon Houlder, who played in the amateur league team in England, sailed to the river to celebrate with his friends. His friends threw Houlder into the river as a joke. The young footballer who lost his leg to the propeller of the boat died from excessive blood loss.

Simon Houlder died on his birthday

Simon Houlder rented a boat with his friends to celebrate his birthday. His drinking and having fun friends threw Houlder off the boat into the river as a joke.

Before Houlder, two more of his friends were thrown into the river. The two friends managed to get back on the boat. As Houlder walked away from the boat, he began to move back towards Houlder to get Houlder, the captain of the boat, on the boat. Houlder also started swimming towards the boat.

Seeing that Houlder was approaching the boat, his friend asked him to swim towards the side of the boat, not towards the propeller, and at the same time told the captain of the boat not to go back further, but the captain did not hear what was said from the engine noise.

Houlder’s leg, pulled by the propeller of the boat, got caught in the propeller. Two friends who jumped into the water managed to save Houlder, whose leg was amputated. Houlder, who was taken to the hospital by an ambulance helicopter, died on the same day from severe blood loss.

Houlder’s teammates, wearing the jersey of the amateur league team Bubwith White Swan, collected £ 10,000 to be given to the young footballer’s family.

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