Young Jets fan absolutely destroys team in brutal TikTok breakdown

We can say that no one on TikTok has fried the jets better than this kid. The Young Jets fan is absolutely destroying the team in the brutal TikTok breakdown.

Jet fans have made an artistic expression out of destroying their group throughout the long term, however one youthful fan has it down to a science.

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The kids are our future, and that incorporates learning revered games customs, as barbarously ridiculing the New York Jets. Youthful football examiner @td.sports on TikTok is a self-maintained Jets fan, however that didn’t stop him ridiculing the most noticeably terrible complete play we’ve seen the entire season.

A young fellow on TikTok, with the username TD.sports, separated one of the most exceedingly terrible hostile plays the Jets had in their Week 2 misfortune to the New England Patriots, and left no survivors.

The play occurred in the principal quarter when freshman quarterback Zach Wilson tossed the first of his four captures on the day. As TD.sports called attention to, the interference was only one side effect of the broken machine the Jets put on the field on Sunday.

In a savage and careful breakdown of the play, the client calls out uncalled holding punishments, players apparently lost in the activity and Jets impeding their own partners.

Then, at that point, came time for Wilson’s genuine capture attempt, when the freshman broke one of the cardinal guidelines of playing quarterback by tossing the ball into the center of the field late.

Just lovely stuff. I’ve been pretty much as basic as anybody of Zach Wilson, however basically on this play he just settled on one terrible choice in an ocean of absolute incompetence. This resembles a terrible AI routine in Madden where every one of the linemen block mistakenly. It appears to be incomprehensible in the domain of expert football, however the Jets are mind boggling at figuring out how to make stuff like this a reality.


about to become a rams bandwagon smfh #nfl #jets #fyp

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