Yekaterina Zavalishina arrested for espionage

Russia detained “Katya” on charges of treason. An interesting espionage incident took place in Russia. The belly dancer nicknamed Katya was detained for treason.

There was a remarkable development in Russia, which started on February 24 and continued the invasion of Ukraine without slowing down. Yekaterina Zavalishina, a 33-year-old dancer nicknamed “Katya” living in Russia, was detained on charges of “treason” after allegedly being a spy. While it was claimed that the young woman gave state secrets to the representatives of foreign countries, it was not disclosed with which country she exchanged information.

With the occupation of Ukraine by Russia, tensions remained high in the region, and a remarkable development took place. Yekaterina Zavalishina, a 33-year-old dancer living in Russia, was detained in Moscow on charges of “espionage” and “treason”. It was stated that Zavalishina, who used the nickname “Katya”, was caught while she was about to flee Moscow.

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A worldwide stomach artist has been captured in Russia for ‘high treachery’ in a new ‘reconnaissance case’ which would land her as long as 20 years in prison whenever sentenced.

Exciting Yekaterina ‘Katya‘ Zavalishina, 33, whose everyday occupation is a business expert, was accused of passing state insider facts to a delegate of an unfamiliar country.

What country it was has not been uncovered, yet she was going to fly from Moscow to Switzerland when kept by the specialists.

Zavalishina is presently being held as a thought spy in the Russian capital by the FSB, Russia’s counterintelligence administration, previously headed by President Vladimir Putin.

Did Zavalishina know state secrets?

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It was claimed that Zavalishina, who works as a full-time business analyst and known for her performances, “give away state secrets to a foreign country representative”. While it was not disclosed which country the young woman shared the “hidden state secrets” with, it was announced that Zavalishina was caught while she was about to flee from Moscow to Switzerland.

Detained Zavalishina could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty. The authorities spoke to the Russian TASS news agency about Zavalishina, who was captured by Russian intelligence. The authorities said, “Intelligence units caught Russian citizen E.S. Zavalsihina living in Moscow. The suspicion of treason is being focused on. The investigation continues.”

While it is not known whether the incident is related to the ongoing war in Ukraine, he will be held in prison until the hearing in mid-August. According to the spokesperson, it was learned that Zavalishina, who graduated from Moscow State University in 2011, went to the USA, Europe and Africa in the past.

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