Years after Cassandre Davis, Cristiano Ronaldo Confession

Years after model Cassandre Davis was on the agenda with his confessions about Cristiano Ronaldo. Although the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal life has recently progressed at a steady level, the relationships the Portuguese star lived after leaving Irina Shayk continue to come to light.

Although the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo has recently joined his life with his children’s mother Gerorgina Rodriguez, the turbulent life of the player continues to be on the agenda in the European press before this relationship.

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Cristiano Ronaldo statement years after Cassandre Davis!

The name of the Juventus footballer, who was hit by the alleged harassment allegations in 2009, was mentioned by many names after her separation with the world-famous model Irina Shayk.

One of these names is Cassandre Davis, who made a name for herself with her Instagram posts. The relationship between Cassandre Davis and Cristiano Ronaldo, which has been on the agenda for a long time in the US press in 2016, has never been confirmed by the two.

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The duo, who were viewed by the paparazzi in Miami, fell on the agenda of the tabloid press with the images they got close to on a sunbed and were talked about for a long time.

The beautiful Cassandre Davis, who had 200 thousand followers on Instagram in those days, gained a great reputation after her images with Ronaldo.

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Davis, who did not fail to share her daring poses and became one of the indispensable models of bikini and underwear companies, especially due to her body lines, gained a great reputation after a short love with Ronaldo.

The name, which is now followed by millions of users on Instagram, recently made the first statement about her relationship with Ronaldo.

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“Everything is in the past. I don’t know how the photos were taken that day. It was a good feeling to be with him,” Cassandre Davis said of the world-famous footballer, whom he was seen in Miami. found in the description.

Cassandre Davis is a fitness trainer as well as modeling. Davis sells nutrition and sports programs for a monthly fee to followers who want to have a body like her.

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Cassandre Davis to Ronaldo: “It was a nice feeling to be with him”

The personal life of Cristiano Ronaldo, who played to the top in the discussions of the best football player in history, also continued at the top. While her relationships after breaking up with Irina Shayk are constantly being the subject of tabloids, the Portuguese star is living a more organized life these days with her children’s mother, Georgina Rodriguez.

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After allegations of Cristiano Ronaldo harassing a woman, some images surfaced in 2018, and the sponsorship deals the star football player made at that time slipped away.

The Portuguese star, who was hit hard by the alleged harassment incidents in 2009, was mentioned by many beauties after the separation with the famous model Irina Shayk.

One of those names known for the star football player is the US model Cassandre Davis, who has recently attracted attention with her Instagram posts.


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Cassandre (@casidavis)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

In 2016, the relationship between Cassandre Davis and Cristiano Ronaldo, which has been busy in the US magazine for a long time, has not been confirmed by the two to date.

The couple, spotted by the paparazzi in Miami, were spotted close on a sunbed and remained on the tabloid press for a long time.

In those days, 200 thousand people followed the beautiful model’s Instagram account, and Davis gained great fame after that day.