Yasmeena knows all about the Taliban

Yasmeena, “Afghanistan’s only sexual content star”, made statements about how the porn industry is perceived in her country on the I Hate Porn podcast. Yasmeena, who describes herself as a feminist sex activist, claimed to know everything about the Taliban.

Afghanistan’s only adult movie star

Yasmeena Ali was a little girl when the Taliban conquered Kabul in the 1990s. She witnessed the violence against men and women in those years. Leaving her country and moving to England to study, Yasmeena became popular as Afghanistan’s only adult movie star. Answering the questions of the presenter Tommy McDonald on the I Hate Porn podcast, Yasmeena once again attracted attention with her statements.

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Expressing that her work as an adult movie star was criticized, Yasmeena said, “They mostly hate my content. Because they don’t want Afghanistan to be known for porn. How dare I show my body? They think they own my body and everything that can be done to it. I have no right to show this, and if I do, I will not be a real Afghan. “You’re pretending, I’m getting messages like you’re a Jewish spy on an undercover mission,” he said.

Yasmeena, who started her own OnlyFans page, said, “I’m sure they heard me. I am an Afghan and I never deny that. Maybe there are Taliban following me, who knows?” she said.

Describing one of the incidents she witnessed as a child, Yasmeena said, “I have seen people beaten because they are not religious and do not dress in religious clothing. I’m not just talking about violence against women. I’m talking about violence against young men even because they don’t grow a beard.

The statements of Afghanistan’s only adult movie star, Yasmeena Ali, also surprised the podcast host McDonald. The MC praised, “Yasmeena is a brave person. She spoke candidly about the difficulties she overcame in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, her tight family life, and the start of her porn career.”

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