Yanet Garcia poses nude again, gorgeous again

“The sensual weather girl” Yanet Garcia once again surprised her followers with her new photos.

The nude queen of the weather is again impressive on Instagram with event photos. She is currently shooting squat videos in one, now you think about it.

“Climate Girl” took advantage of the celebration in Mexico to showcase her best tricolor outfits with lingerie.

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The September 15 celebrations have begun, and some celebrities have had the opportunity to showcase their figures in tricolor outfits, such as Yanet García, who annually delights her followers on social networks with revealing looks that can’t miss the Mexican touch.

Originally from Monterrey, the television presenter continues to add success to her career, which started as part of a local show where she got the opportunity to show off her talent. She won the hearts of the people with her sympathy and stunning beauty.

One of her followers’ favorites was the dress she wore on September 15 last year when she chose a woven ribbon in the colors of the Mexican flag that she used diagonally to cover her collar. This is a red detailed hat and matching black underwear combined with high leather boots and red make-up.

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Yanet García celebrates Mexico’s Independence Day in a micro thong and without a bra

Yanet García decided to surprise her nearly 15 million Instagram followers by posting a sexy image of Mexico celebrating Independence Day by posing in very light clothing.

The photo released by “Climate Girl” this Thursday shows her wearing high leather boots, a black micro thong, and a stripe in the colors of the Mexican flag that crosses her braless breasts. . . .

“Long live Mexico!!! 🇲🇽 ” wrote on the photo that, as expected, she managed to collect hundreds of comments highlighting her beautiful 31-year-old body.

“You are my Mexican miss ❤️”, “Thanks for this photo I miss. You are so mamacitas 🔥🙌” and “Long live Mexico, long live beautiful women like you 👏❤️” are some of the messages dedicated to her.

Famous Latina figure at work

Mexican model Yanet García is one of the women who has earned the nickname of the prettiest “weather girl” on television for her hosting.

With more than 15 million followers on Instagram, Garcia has become an awe-inspiring public figure. That’s why she announced a while ago that he’s joining the popular subscription content platform OnlyFans.

For some users this was good news, while others did not fully support it. But the truth is that the number of Mexicans continues to rise and has once again surprised netizens with the posting of a sensual photo in lingerie.

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The famous Latina figure is one of her biggest highlights, and she uploads photos showing her workouts at the gym. This time, however, the woman opened up social networks, posing in a white lingerie suit.

Looking away from the camera lens and holding a towel, Garcia captivated the audience. Also, as a headline, the server wrote: “We need connections more than anything and avoid rejection…”.

In this way, the “weather girl” once again surprised her most loyal followers, had no trouble commenting on the snapshot and saved dozens of love and fire emojis.

Success at Onlyfans

However, even though Latina’s subscriptions are on the rise, it has had to face and reject the various speculations circulating on the digital scene. For example, before the end of August, the influential lady appeared on Twitter and dismissed an infographic that said she was one of the most economically profitable models for her participation in OnlyFans.

It should not be forgotten that 80% of the monthly income earned by each user in this application, and the remaining 20% ​​goes to the platform.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that OnlyFans has become a working method for many. In fact, there are those who leave their careers and obligations to devote themselves entirely to creating erotic content.

That’s why a website in the UK was interested in analyzing the amount of monetary income a person receives on OnlyFans and made a comparison with the top paying jobs in that region.

Analysts have uncovered the case of female Gemma McCourt, who is classified as the most successful on OnlyFans, as those wishing to acquire her content must pay a subscription of $29 per month (more than 120,000 Colombian pesos).

The surprising thing about the whole find is that McCourt has more than 102,000 subscribers. Even now, the account says he gets $30 a month.

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