WWE Fighter Natalya was injured during the fight

Famous fighter Natalya’s tooth was broken in a match with Lacey Evans during WWE Fight

Natalya, one of the famous WWE fighters, encountered an unlucky incident in a recent match against Lacey Evans. After Evans’ coup, 38-year-old Natalya’s tooth was broken.

Natalya, who has been fighting in WWE Fights for years, has received comments from many of her followers after breaking her teeth. The successful fighter, while sharing the image of his broken tooth on his Twitter account, said, “Evans is a tough athlete. I beat him even though he broke my tooth,” he said, despite his bad situation.

Lacey Evans, on the other hand, expressed her sadness by saying, “I think this is where I should apologize.”

Natalya fans messages on the reddit platform:

“YOU DO NOT deserve to suffer

“While Natalya’s fans supported the successful athlete as a result of the tooth fracture, they shared the message” You do not deserve to suffer “.
Natalya, 38, who is also very active on social media, has 4.2 million followers.

Within the Reddit platform, many followers posted get well soon messages to the female fighter. After Natalya was injured during the fight, many Reddit users shared videos of those moments.

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