WWE fans persuaded Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax had genuine battle and went ‘off script’ in severe Raw match

WWE fans were bewildered as Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax seemed to exchange genuine blows during their match on Raw.

The two top stars went head to head on final evening’s show after Jax had assaulted Rhea Ripley before in the evening, however those watching at home appeared to be confounded as things seemed to take a frightful turn.

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Obviously, as wrestling fans know, while the dangers the entertainers take and the ability they have is genuine, the matches themselves require gigantic expertise and collaboration between rivals to convey a display.

Nonetheless, one awkward second saw the Queen land clumsily after a hammer by her adversary, and Flair didn’t look glad as she appeared to slap Nia seriously (known as a ‘shoot’ in the wrestling scene).

This prompted a firm trade between the pair with Jax seeming to land some weighty blows as she swung for her adversary, and they pulled either other’s hair as there was a short part where they would appear to not like to react to one another’s offense.

Indeed, even the observers portrayed the session as ‘appalling’, and as Nia stuck her rival after a colossal altered powerbomb/hammer move, Flair appeared to say something to her kindred star.

It was a strange match, with a lot of fans flooding to web-based media as large numbers of them proposed what they were watching may have gotten over into being a genuine battle.

One watcher composed: ‘Charlotte and Nia Jax was battling FOR REAL FOR REAL (sic)’

One more added: ‘Damn Charlotte + Nia Jax match [got] excessively genuine on #WWERaw’

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