Woman named Laura Amherst joined the live broadcast naked

Those in the studio froze! Everyone could not hide their astonishment when the famous female activist appeared naked on the live broadcast.

Known for her naked struggle against climate change in England, a woman named Laura Amherst took this struggle one step further and participated in the live broadcast naked. The surprise of those in the studio did not go unnoticed.

Woman named laura amherst joined the live broadcast naked 2 gmspors

Different awareness was being created against climate change, which is among the most important agenda items in the world. However, the female activist named Laura Amherst, who is known for participating in the protests naked in England, has signed a completely different movement this time. The women’s movement soon attracted great attention around the world.

Activist Laura Amherst was the guest of Extinction Rebellion on a British channel’s daytime show to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Activist Laura Amherst, who participated in the events naked, is known as a ‘topless protester’. Laura also came to the studio naked to discuss her unconventional brand of activism.

Woman named laura amherst joined the live broadcast naked 1 gmspors

It was seen that the people in the studio could not hide their astonishment due to this act of the young woman. Another detail that did not go unnoticed by the audience was that Phillip Schofield placed his hands on his knees and waited.

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