Will Gerard Pique consent to the relocation of Shakira’s children to the US?

Gerard Pique made a condition to his ex-wife Shakira to consent to the relocation of their children to the United States.

Star football player Gerard Pique, who plays for Barcelona, ​​made a condition about his children with his girlfriend Shakira, whom he broke up with. Pique asked Shakira to repay her debt to allow the children to move to the United States.

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It was claimed that Gerard Pique, who broke up with the famous singer Shakira for many years, wanted conditions for her children, Sasha and Milan, from the famous singer.

According to Spanish TV channel Telemundo, Gerard Pique has given two conditions to his ex-girlfriend Shakira to allow her children to move to the United States. First, Shakira bought herself first class airfare on flights to the US to visit her children, Sasha and Milan. Her second demand is for Shakira to pay the approximately $400,000 she owes her. This big claim made for the famous duo created an agenda on social media.

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