Will Cristiano Ronaldo make Manchester United champions?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s statistics on Manchester United’s failure to become champions came under harsh criticism from fans in England about this news.

Supercomputers, “Will Ronaldo Transfer Make Manchester United Champion?” Answered His Question.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has transferred to Manchester United, is sure that they will be champions this season, but the accounts are not as sure as he is.

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Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to Manchester United will not be champion

Cristiano Ronaldo has made a comeback to Manchester United, leaving Juventus in the past few weeks. On this return, the star player told his teammates that they needed to win the Premier League title this season. Moreover, the famous football player is quite ambitious in this regard. He already emphasized the championship in many of his statements. But data experts aren’t sure about ManU. Experts calculated the championship with the help of a supercomputer. Here is the result…

There has been an exciting development in the football world in recent weeks. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has transferred to Manchester United. After this big news shared from the official accounts of Manchester United, the issue that everyone was most curious about was whether this move could bring the championship to the team.

While the team with the most championships in the Premier League in the last five seasons is Manchester City with 3 championships, Manchester United has been following Liverpool and Chelsea for a long time, as they could not find a place in the list. . However, everyone believes that Ronaldo transfer will break this chain and the team will become champions again.

Supercomputers disagree

Not everyone agrees that Ronaldo will take Manchester United back to the good old days. At least, according to the data analysts of Infogol, it seems that Ronaldo will not be able to bring the championship to Manchester United.

According to the latest calculations of Infogol, which is actually a betting site but shares predictions about the matches throughout the season and the season-end champion in general with data analysis, Manchester City will be the champion of the Premiere League this year. If this prediction turns out to be correct, Manchester City will have won four titles in five years.

While making these calculations, Infogol states that it provides the results by making a detailed data analysis about all the matches to be played throughout the season. The aforementioned data is provided by ‘Opta Data‘, a very ambitious source of sports data.

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