Will BLACKPINK Bring Girl Groups Back To The Hot 100 Top 10 With ‘Pink Venom?

Will blackpink bring girl groups back to the hot 100 top 10 with pink venom gmspors

On the new Pop Shop Podcast, we separate BLACKPINK’s outline possibilities and discuss the historical backdrop of K-pop and young lady bunches overall on our leader Billboard graphs.

BLACKPINK have been in our space since way back in 2016, however there are two regions they’ve yet to prevail: the main 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and the actual top of the Billboard 200 collections graph.

Will blackpink bring girl groups back to the hot 100 top 10 with pink venom gmspors

On the new episode of the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast (tune in underneath), Katie and Keith are pondering: Could “Pink Venom” be the group of four’s most memorable Hot 100 top 10 hit? Already, they’ve reached as high as No. 13, on account of “Frozen yogurt,” their 2020 collab with Selena Gomez. In the mean time, on the Billboard 200, their 2020 undertaking The Album appeared and crested at No. 2, however when Born Pink is delivered on Sept. 16, might it at some point go the entire way to the top?

Pay attention to the full episode underneath, where we separate BLACKPINK’s diagram possibilities and discuss the historical backdrop of K-pop and young lady bunches overall on our leader Billboard outlines.

Additionally on the show, we have outline news on Nicki Minaj’s “Very Freaky Girl” appearing at No. 1 on the Hot 100, while Rod Wave and Megan Thee Stallion both see their most recent collections bow in the main 10 of the Billboard 200.

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Blackpink ‘Pink Venom’ Song Review – An infectious and habit-forming single

Will blackpink bring girl groups back to the hot 100 top 10 with pink venom gmspors

Blackpink is one of the greatest K-pop young lady gatherings of right now. From making their presentation in 2016 to ultimately ascending to become one of the best music acts in the limited ability to focus six years is admirable.

The way that the four young ladies have by and large delivered something like 30 tunes throughout recent years nevertheless came to the top with their restricted discography is confirmation of the way that a can work brilliant and not hard to in any case find true success.

In any case, as of late their fans (Blinks) had been vocally requesting new melodies for the young lady bunch for them to break records in the serious K-pop industry. Subsequent to being on a 22-month extended break, the young lady bunch at last delivered their most memorable unique single, ‘Pink Venom’ which was delivered on August 19.

The single fills in as a pre-discharge track from Blackpink’s forthcoming collection, ‘Conceived Pink’ which will drop on September 16 this year. The tune is now breaking records consistently as it turns into the best-delivered single of the year and Blackpink’s best melody to date.


One thing about Blackpink is that their music is exceptionally stylish constantly. Be it hits like ‘Behaving recklessly’, ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’, ‘Boombayah’, ‘Kill This Love’, or ‘How You Like That’ from there, the sky is the limit, their tunes generally track down an approach to remaining around in the personalities of fans and non-fans the same.

Their appealing music is Blackpink’s USP (Ultimate Super Power) and ‘Pink Venom’ has grasped the task with regards to music and tune generally of it. The tune seems to begin with one song however works its direction to one more halfway through just to radically change into a third extremely turbulent mood after the beat drops.

Music investigators accept this is the case since makers searching for ways of making the tune a hit on TikTok. ‘Pink Venom’, also appears as though it was made fully intent on getting a viral number as opposed to introducing a piece of fair music made with a solitary streaming beat.

Game plan and Melody

The start of ‘Pink Venom’ presents a customary beat with a change to drums with Jennie and Lisa’s rap which continues on toward an electric guitar as Rose belts out her enormous vocals. Nonetheless, this stream is unexpectedly lost when Jisoo’s voice is upheld with energetic drums.

The beat then drops to the melody, which is additionally the most habit-forming piece of the tune. A similar blended cadence completely finishes the last part of the tune what begins with Lisa and Jennie’s rap trailed by Jisoo and Rose’s vocals. Following this, the tune ascends in beat and Rose’s voice works incredibly with the song while Jisoo’s voice sounds a little rough conversely.

In any case, the beat drops, and the last part segment of the tune begins. This is the part I have the most inquiries concerning, my first being the reason? The segment felt like an oddball tune that was sorted out with what felt like a very decent melody all alone.


The tune is essentially similar to a lovechild of ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘How You Like That’ yet it supposedly additionally has interjections from past hits like ‘Break down The Door’ by Notorious B.I.G, ‘Pon De Replay’ by Rihanna, and ‘P.I.M.P’ by 50 Cent. Notwithstanding, these interjections make the melody dreary.

You can’t fail to remember the firsts since they were hits and this yell out returns fans to the first. The single is habit-forming and appealing and certainly stands out enough to be noticed from the primary rap itself. Be that as it may, ‘Pink Venom’ neglects to offer something new and not quite the same as the young ladies.

Blackpink and their maker Teddy Park have figured out the equation of progress and due to this tedious nature of the tune, ‘Pink Venom’ feels like a reused single with a similar plan as Blackpink’s more established title tracks.

The tune has less space for significance as the majority of their work goes into keeping the creation worth, style, and Blackpink’s brand name “enormous scope music video” within proper limits.

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