Why was the Amouranth Twitch Streamer banned? Amouranth Twitch continues?

In recent years, there has been another “ban” incident on the famous broadcasting site Twitch. Famous publisher Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, who has 2.2 million followers on the site and 3.5 million followers on Instagram, was banned by Twitch management due to obscene images in her broadcast on September 8.

Why was the Amouranth Twitch Streamer banned Amouranth Twitch continues 3

Amouranth was generally known for its IRL and ASMR content on Twitch and had approximately 8 thousand subscribers. The famous broadcaster was on the agenda because of the images of his dress being saintly while playing with his dog on the floor. While these images were circulating on Reddit and other social platforms, Twitch management announced that in as little as 12 hours, the famous broadcaster closed its account.

As per the Twitch Community Guidelines, sexual and / or sexually explicit content is prohibited, and “clothing intended to be sexually explicit” is prohibited. It remains unclear what kind of sanctions will be imposed on Amouranth. It may be possible to close the account completely, and a ban for up to 30 days is among the possibilities.

The community, on the other hand, is divided over the recent increase in explicit publications. While one party is satisfied with this situation; The other side is against such broadcasts, claiming that they are not suitable for Twitch. Twitch management, on the other hand, seems to continue to handle the issue with penalties such as account closure or broadcast suspension based on concrete examples only.

Let’s see what developments will take place in the coming days regarding both Amouranth’s account and generally obscene broadcasts on Twitch.

What Is The Scandalous Polemic Between Famous Twitch Streamer and Instagram?

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A woman named Amouranth, who has a serious audience on Twitch and Instagram, claimed that she received blackmail messages on Instagram. The person claiming to be Instagram’s content moderator and using the pseudonym ‘Tampa’ asked for money to keep Amouranth’s content on Instagram.

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa stated that her Instagram content moderator was blackmailing her. Stating that the Instagram moderator threatened him to delete his content, Amouranth stated that he asked the moderator to give money to keep the content on Instagram.

The blackmail message came after Instagram started deleting photos and stories from Amouranth’s account, HuffPost reported. One person using the pseudonym ‘Tampa’ sent messages to Amouranth claiming to work for Cognizant, which manages the content of Facebook and Instagram. HuffPost also shared the email Amouranth received.

Why was the Amouranth Twitch Streamer banned Amouranth Twitch continues 2

In the e-mail Amouranth received, the person claiming to work for Cognizant told Amouranth, “I’m sure you noticed that many posts and stories have been deleted recently. If you want, we can reach a secret agreement.” The requested fee was $ 2,600 worth of Bitcoin per month.

Amouranth initially thought that by not taking the person seriously, the e-mail sender was merely someone trying to pretend to be a content moderator by reporting their posts as inappropriate. After that, Instagram removed more posts from Amouranth and the person known as ‘Tampa’ sent another email.

How did Amouranth get more viewers than female Twitch streamers?


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Amouranth | MEMES NINJA (@amouranth)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Amouranth was spending time with Devin Nash during an IRL stream, addressing inquiries from her kindred Twitch accomplice. This prompted some supportive clues for female Twitch decorations hoping to help their perspectives with next to zero exertion on their end. She considered it the new “Jerk meta.”

Nash asked Amouranth for what good reason she streams in her room. She answered that it’s just for the better lighting. Goodness, and on the grounds that there’s a bed behind her. As indicated by Amouranth, she can lay on the bed when she gets low on sees. That is the “new meta on Twitch for young ladies,” she added while looking.


Devin at that point inquired as to whether Amouranth utilized that strategy herself.

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“Sporadically,” Amouranth reacted. “Recently, I haven’t needed to on the grounds that my perspectives have been really alright.”

This would conceivably incorporate ridiculing herself since Amouranth is known for her noteworthy moving and ASMR streams. Amouranth is notable generally because of a dubious closet glitch that didn’t appear to warrant any serious discipline from Twitch.

However, jokes aside, Amouranth may really not be right about which female decorations on Twitch get perspectives and how. It appears to be that the bed strategy probably won’t be pretty much as powerful as she let on. A large portion of the top female decorations in 2020 play computer games instead of invest most of their energy in the Just Chatting classification.

Obviously, it’s certainly feasible for this straightforward stunt to get ladies additional viewership. It very well may merit a went for new decorations hoping to get in on that “simp” crowd. In any case, going into 2021, messing around or making content appears to be comparably encouraging. The sky’s the breaking point.

Why was the Amouranth Twitch Streamer banned Amouranth Twitch continues 4