Why is Waris Dirie a model we should recognize?

She is a role model involved in social projects and spends the last years of her career fighting for the emancipation of women in Africa.

Waris Dirie is a Somali model, writer, actress and human rights activist who fights FGM. She served as the UN special envoy against female genital mutilation from 1997-2003. In 2002 he founded the Desert Flowers Foundation in Vienna.

Who is Waris Dirie?

Waris Dirie was born in 1965 in Galkayo, Somalia. Waris Dirie, who survived her painful life, is a former model, besides modeling, she worked in the field of acting and took part in many social projects.

Waris Dirie was born in 1965 in Galkayo, Somalia. Waris Dirie, who survived his painful life, is a former model, worked in the field of acting as well as modeling and took part in many social projects. Waris Dirie served as a special envoy to the United Nations from 1997 to 2003. Actually, the exact date of birth of Waris Dirie is unknown, when she was 13, her parents wanted to marry an old man. Waris Dirie, who did not want this marriage, told her family that she wanted to marry, but could not get it accepted. Waris Dirie’s married life never goes the way she wanted. She has no husband.

Waris Dirie planned to escape from Mogadishu in Somalia, where she lived with her family, to get rid of marriage, and implemented this plan. Waris Dirie decides to live with her older sister and her sister’s wife and after a certain time decides to settle in England. Waris Dirie, the uncle of the Somali Ambassador who made him go to England, worked in many jobs in England.

She started working at McDonalds in England and due to her poor English, he enrolled in a school where she could go in the evenings. While working at McDonals, she was noticed by the famous photographer of the time, Terence Donovan, and then, one by one, positive changes took place in her life. Waris Dirie, noticed by Terence Donovan, managed to become the face of world-famous brands such as Levi’s, L’Oreal, Chanel and became a famous person.

Waris Dirie, a world-famous advertising face, had the chance to experience acting in The Living Daylights for the first time in her career. Waris Dirie, who started to climb the career ladder quickly after that, is friends with the world-famous Naomi Campbell. The famous model, who has come to the peak of her career, has also started working on writing a book.

Wrote Many Important Books

  • Desert Children
  • Letter To My Mother
  • It is Desert Dawn. Waris Dirie is a woman among circumcised women, and all her suffering and emotional breakdowns are described in detail in these books.

Waris Dirie wrote a book about her own life, which he wrote under the name Desert Flower, which reached a considerable worldwide sales figure. It is also a book that has managed to become one of the best-selling books in Germany. In addition to this book, she has many books about the Somalia she lived in and her family members.

Circumcised Women

Female circumcision is practiced in the Middle East, Asian countries, and in some African tribes. Female circumcision is performed in four ways, symbolically drawing the clitoris and lips, and removing the entire outer surface of the genitals after bleeding them. The lip parts of the genitals, the clavicle and its surroundings, are removed by cutting the entire lips. The outer parts of the open wound are brought together and sutured. Only a small hole is left on the genitals that will allow the toilet to be made and the bleeding to come out.

Female genital mutilation symbolizes the purity and cleanliness of women, in this way it is possible to be a pure mother. All parts that have been cut out are considered dirty and energetic. Girls who do not undergo this procedure, which must be done during the transition to womanhood, are seen as unclean and not accepted for marriage. As a result of this process, the seams of virgin girls do not expand and open. Circumcisions performed on women are used to easily control women’s sexual lives.

Circumcision procedures are performed for girls at the latest 4 years old, and this procedure, which is performed in very traditional and primitive conditions, is dangerous. Female circumcision is still practiced quite quietly among women. As a result of these procedures, most of the children die from blood loss or infection. On the other hand, women who continue to live their lives do not enjoy sexual intercourse throughout their lives and experience pain and suffering during sexual intercourse.

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