Why is This War Of Mine a game worth playing?

This War of Mine is a 2014 war survival video game. Made by 11 bit studios. Unlike most war games, it focuses on the civilian aspects of war. The player tries to survive during the war by controlling a group of civilians. The city was destroyed by war. Resources are limited.

This War of Mine game reveals the destruction that the war will show you. Game lovers can find the excitement and emotions of the war game they are looking for in This War of Mine.

His father’s word is in story mode, while the father searches for his missing daughter, he goes to the churchyard and remembers that his daughter has died before. Your character suffers from sudden retrograde amnesia after witnessing the death of a loved one before his eyes. For this reason, he cannot accept that his daughter, who passed away earlier, is dead and begins to search.

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The Story of This War Of Mine

The story of This War Of Mine tells the story of the disappearance of his daughter and the events of a father who searches for her in the middle of the war, his survival. Although the game is based on the theme of war, this time we are playing the civilian side trying to survive, not the warring side.

To survive; You can eat mice, loot, kill people for other people’s belongings. The game gives you a large area to survive. You may encounter people who are worse off than you in the house you go to plunder, it is up to you whether to rob them or not. However, if you rob or kill innocent people other than gangs or bandits, your character’s psychology may deteriorate.

What Is This War Of Mine About?

This War Of Mine chronicles the plight of civilians in war and how brutal war can be. The game is inspired by the Bosnian war that lasted from 1992-1996. However, there are no Muslim elements in the game and it also shows the victims of the war as Christians.

Producers show their opposition to war in many places. When you enter the main menu of the game, “Fuck the War!” You will see the text. Apart from that, when you enter different houses for loot, you can read the difficulties experienced by people who have lived before in the notes.

When you log into the game, Ernest Hemingway’s “You will die like a dog for no reason in modern war.” at his word. You can also play with many story modes and have the chance to look into the lives of others.

On What Day Does This War Of Mine End?

Since the story part of the game changes depending on how you play it, it becomes impossible to finish on a certain day. But on average, you can finish the story in 14 to 20 days. If you open it in normal mode, you can choose how many days it will take, the difficulty and the people you can take with you from the settings section.

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How Many Hours Is This War Of Mine?

If you finish all the stories of the game, you can extend it to about 10 to 12 hours. Apart from that, if you play the normal mode, you can extend the game time up to 40 50 hours. In short, you can continue the game even though the story is over.

What is This War Of Mine Final Cut?

This War Of Mine Final Cut is all the updates and free expansion content released so far in one package. In addition to the new scenario content, even if you don’t own it, Stories offers you an expanded version of DLC packs.

In short, you can experience many previously unseen scenes and embark on new challenging challenges. In addition, since the game’s system requirements are low, many computers can easily uninstall it.


More than just a game, This War Of Mine handles the pain and destruction that war brings to humanity very well. They were on the agenda with their statements about the war between Russia and Ukraine. The makers of This War of Mine, the anti-war game about the hard life of war victims, announced that they are on the side of Ukraine. 11 Bit Studios said that they will donate all the proceeds from the game to the victims of the war in Ukraine in the next seven days.

“Today the Russian army attacked the free country Ukraine. As a Polish game studio, our anti-war game This War of Mine tells firsthand all the effects of the war massacre and the war. We want to announce that here we stand with Ukraine against Russia. The meaning of words In these times of loss: we will donate all sales and DLC sales of This War of Mine game on all platforms for the next 7 days.These collected money will be sent to the victims of war in Ukraine through the Ukraine Red Cross.

Everyone needs to know that war kills people and separates them from their homes and families. Let’s all do everything we can for the victims of the war in Ukraine. “

The producer company announced that it has collected 160 thousand dollars so far, but more is needed. The company invites everyone to be sensitive to the war and to help the victims of war.

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