Why has Nigeria banned white models?

Ban of white actors and British accents in advertisements in Nigeria, The advertising supervisory board in the country has banned white actors and British accents from appearing in advertisements.

“Only Nigerian models and voice actors will be featured in all advertisements and marketing communications,” Nigerian advertising supervisory agency ARCON said in a statement released Aug.

The Nigerian government stated that they made this decision to explore local talent and support economic growth. Stating that British models and voice actors take part in a significant part of the ads, Steve Babaeko, President of the Nigerian Advertising Agencies Association, also stated that just a few years ago, about half of the talents in Nigerian ads were British.

Brands that feature foreign faces in their ads have paid an average of 100,000 Naira, or about $237, so far. With the new decision that will come into effect on October 1, this situation is thought to be a deterrent.

According to the news in The Times, Nigeria was also the first country to impose a white model ban in the advertising industry. It was stated that there will be no sanctions for the advertising campaigns on the air with white players.

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Noting that the new application will not affect ongoing advertisements, Fadolapo stated that the new ban will be valid for advertisements to be withdrawn as of October 1.

As per PricewaterhouseCooper research from 2017 to 2021, Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa, would have the quickest pace of income development in the worldwide amusement and media industry during the following five years.

The limitation will apply to “any notice designated or showed in the Nigerian publicizing space,” which alludes to a market expected to be valued at $450 million of every 2021.

The assertion expressed, “Ensuing applications for re-approval for persistent openness of such material won’t be conceded,” despite the fact that “continuous missions” may keep on running for the rest of their ongoing term.

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