Why Erotic Content Producers Using Platforms Like OnlyFans, Pornhub Prefer Cryptocurrencies?

Have you ever wondered why Erotic Content Creators Using Platforms Like OnlyFans, Pornhub Prefer Cryptocurrencies?

Episode 5 of the documentary series CRYPTOLAND published on Motherboard’s Youtube channel discusses how cryptocurrencies transform the social and cultural structure. We all know that cryptocurrencies have a mission to shape the future. But what we’re going to talk about now might sound a bit interesting.

Erotic content producers and sex workers say that they are discriminated against by banks because of their jobs and lifestyles, so they tend to prefer cryptocurrencies.

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In the documentary, it is said that people who produce erotic content are banned by all platforms and applications where normal payment methods operate. As a matter of fact, sex workers and erotic content producers are not very happy to receive such a reward for their services. For this reason, it seems that they are turning to crypto currency, which is not bothered to be a part of their identities.

Content producers make a living by producing custom underwear, video clips or socks for their customers. What sex workers are uncomfortable with is encountering the conservative structure of banks because of their actions.

The fact that sex workers and erotic content producers turn to crypto instead of banks is because they know that there will be no hindrance to their work.

Content producers and sex workers

Content producers and sex workers want to be able to do their jobs remotely and anonymously, so they move away from the conservative structure of banks. Payments cannot be tracked because cryptocurrencies have an anonymous mechanism compared to traditional finance methods. We can say that the decentralized payment method of cryptocurrencies is a rival to replacing traditional payment methods that have been preferred for years.

Now, thanks to NFT and cryptocurrencies, the porn industry has renewed itself. In the documentary, it is mentioned that OnlyFans lost its subscribers due to the problems caused by traditional methods. It is also stated that Visa and Mastercard parted ways with Pornhub and prevented hundreds of employees there from doing their jobs.

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As you can see, traditional payment methods have caused erotic content producers to cause more financial losses.

So what is the advantage of crypto in this case?

Cryptos do not require erotic creators to receive cash like traditional banks. It is an advantage for sex workers that sex worker customers can get their money back more easily with crypto money.

In this respect, we can say that cryptocurrencies are quite functional in breaking cultural patterns. At the same time, bitcoins have the potential to create a new culture and therefore have a cultural appeal for users.

As there are many famous names investing in cryptocurrencies, examples such as Twitter, TikTok and Reddit from famous social media giants seem to support bitcoin. For this reason, cryptocurrencies attract the attention of ordinary people as well as many people who do their business using digital networks.

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The language of social media is being built with cryptocurrencies!

Many service fees on social media are now paid with cryptocurrencies. Even the payment itself can be said to have become social. Professor Utpal Dholakia, who studies the financial decision-making behavior of consumers, says that social media drives human behavior.

The fact that the language of social media is built on investments in cryptocurrencies allows people to invest more in cryptos and take risks in their investments. Regularly looking at stock prices can be boring when you think about it.

Now, the excitement of an investment like bitcoin, which is constantly watching with different dynamics, always keeps the excitement at its peak. Even if you check Bitcoin 10 or 20 times a day, you don’t get bored because you always see a changing scale. Thus, cryptocurrencies become a creative technology for imagining a future that you know will be rich one day.

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Cryptocurrencies are thought to open the door to a wealth that can be produced over time. Cryptos have turned into a serious investment object, especially for the young segment. The global economy is making progress towards greater investment in the digital ecosystem.

Everything from the investment to the transfer of money is done without being tied to anything physical. The fact that it is paperless and inexpensive makes things even easier. Although cryptos are similar to regular currencies, they are a medium of exchange designed for the exchange of digital information. While cryptos provide digital information exchange, preventing fraud is a bonus in terms of preferability.

Since the cryptocurrency is decentralized, it is fully owned by its owner. There is no control by governments or banks. The information of the coin holders is recorded and encrypted, but this is not the case for cryptos.

In addition, thanks to the Blockachain technology, it is unhackable and thus identity theft is prevented. One of the issues that sex workers and content producers struggled with was this privacy issue.

We can say that not being followed by traditional banks due to the work they do and the fact that their business is carried out in secrecy reveals the exchange value of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the ease of access to cryptocurrencies and the fact that all you need is an internet connection and a smart device shows that cryptos are more preferable for sex workers.

Bitcoin hit a new high in early January, reaching a price of nearly $42,000. On Friday morning, the price of the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency was about 32,500, according to CoinDesk.

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Bella Hadid announced on Instagram: She stepped into the world of NFT

Bella Hadid stated in her Instagram post that the metaverse is a place that creates opportunities for sustainability. According to Forbes, NFTs are non-exchangeable, non-tradable tokens. While this is a complex statement, NFTs are simply digital artifacts that give ownership of that product to the person who produces it or buys it. NFTs can be in formats such as music, art, video game, audio file and are a virtual reflection of the real world. These digital assets are sold online, mostly with cryptocurrency.

Bella Hadid thinks that her CY-B3LLA collection will be an invitation to a new global world. The collection includes more than 11 thousand NFT works of the model.

Hadid tells her 52.1 million followers, “Each NFT has different and unique 3D scans designed for you that can be used around the world; designed to encourage travel, community, growth, fantasy and human interactions.” said.