Why Did Steve Jobs Die?

In this article, we will explain why Steve Jobs, one of the smartest people in the world, died. There are many allegations about his death, and the day Steve Jobs died, he was on the world agenda.

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The process that led to the death of Steve Jobs

Scientists point out that Steve Jobs would die in 2003 if there was a common type of pancreatic cancer.

But cancer is a rare type of cancer. This cancer, called a neuroendocrine tumor, developed relatively more docile. It was easier to treat the tumor that occurred in the hormone-producing islet cells in the pancreas. Jobs therefore underwent surgery to remove the tumor in 2004.

Jobs, who underwent an operation called Whipple, remained neutral during this period. Liver transplant in 2009. This means that the cancer spread to the liver from 2004 to 2009. In addition, cancer can metastasize even after organ transplantation. Because the patient is immune to anti-cancer drugs. That’s exactly what happened to Steve Jobs.

Steve Regrets Alternative Treatment Decision

Steve Jobs said he regretted the process of trying to treat his close circle with alternative medicine methods.

Because Steve Jobs thought he could overcome the disease without surgery and chemotherapy. Walter Isaacson, who penned Jobs’ life, says:

“If you ignore something you don’t want to exist, you have a magical way of thinking. In the past, Steve has benefited from such a way of thinking. However, he felt unnecessarily stubborn about cancer and regretted it. ”

Jobs’ wife Laurene Powell says:

“What Steve wasn’t prepared for most was having a physical surgery. It was very difficult to convince him of this. ”

During this period, Steve Jobs agreed to classical treatment methods and had his DNA analyzed in a transaction of $ 100,000. In this way, doctors could directly target the molecular structure that caused the disease. However, the surgery performed at the end revealed that the cancer had spread to the liver.

He wouldn’t be able to get rid of cancer with Steve Jobs’ Early Treatment

Why Did Steve Jobs Die 2 GMSPORS

Jobs regretted wasting time on vegan diets, vegetable oils, acupuncture, etc. However, physicians state that “there is a possibility of cancer spreading even with early surgery”. So even if Jobs had surgery earlier, he would recur the disease again.

It’s called micrometastases. Tiny cancer cells spread to different organs and eventually cover the body. Even if Jobs was diagnosed earlier and treated, there was a risk of metastasis. Some medical people state that 60% of the cancer has spread to the liver after the first x-ray.

When Did Steve Jobs Die?

Steve Jobs passed away in 2011.

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011. In other words, exactly 8 years after the movie shot during a routine kidney check. Jobs took this x-ray to his urologist with the possibility of kidney stones.

Cancer spreading from the pancreas to the liver also covered the liver completely. So when Jobs received a liver transplant, the doctors removed a cancer-covered liver from him.

Jobs died in 2011 at the age of 56. In the same year, he had permission from Apple to be treated. Jobs, who left his duty as CEO in August 2011, stated that he would “not complete the tasks expected of him” during this period.

He had been married to his wife for 20 years when he died and had 4 children in total.

What Were Steve Jobs’ Final Words?

Steve Jobs’s sister, Mona Simpson, said in his speech in memory of his brother that his last word was a syllable and he repeated it three times.

Jobs looked for a long time at his sister, his children, and his wife before closing his eyes and said, “Wow, wow, wow.”

3 Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs’ Life

“Being to die as the richest man in the world doesn’t mean anything to me. Knowing that I did great things when I put my head on my pillow at night… That has a meaning! ”

Steve Jobs managed to become a billionaire thanks to his creativity, passion for his job, and power of detail. He was iconic in every sense of the word, yet he was an equally complex, sometimes extremely contradictory figure; He was a mystical world fanatic who was able to start a new era using science and technology. He was realistic, but at the same time selfish, prescient, but equally fixed minded. Jobs could have been sincere enough to gather many people who didn’t know each other under one roof, or he could be ruthless and ruthless towards those closest to him. Now take a look at some surprising facts we have listed to commemorate this tough but visionary man:

1- He sold his only property van to found Apple

Unable to get funding from investors, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold their belongings to find money. Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen brand van for $ 750, while Steve Wozniak sold the HP 65 model calculator for $ 500.

2-a person who chooses to eat

Special diets were asked from Jobs. For a while he tried to be a fruit-only person. There are even those who say that Jobs found his company name (Apple means apple) while picking apples.

3- Those Who Have Abandoned Their Education

Like Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak, pioneers of personal computers, Jobs dropped out of his education. Jobs struggled with the structure and hierarchies of academic life for a while and dropped out of Reed College in Oregon. While leaving this school, where he would later continue his education life informally, his grade point average was 2.65.