Why did Kendall Jenner get backlash with her Pepsi Ad?

Kendall Jenner starred in a Pepsi commercial years ago. Again, fans are wondering why Kendall Jenner got the backlash that day.

Pepsi withdrew its Kendall Jenner ad after backlash

Why did kendall jenner get backlash with her pepsi ad 3 gmspors

Pepsi has taken down its new ad, starring Kendall Jenner, amid heavy criticism that it “contempts police violence against racist and black people.”

Pepsi pulled its new ad featuring Kendall Jenner from the air right after it aired.

The ad came under criticism for the brand’s insensitivity to protests in defense of black people’s right to life and disrespect for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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In the demonstration held for black people killed in the USA in the past years, a young woman was seen standing calmly in front of two armored policemen, and this square became the symbol of the demonstrations.

In the ad in question, Kendall Jenner is seen giving a Coke to the police by creating a similar mise-en-scene.

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The ad was accused of conveying a message that “racism and police violence can be solved by opening a Pepsi.”

The beverage brand apologized for the ad after intense criticism on social media and removed the ad from YouTube.

Pepsi’s apology statement included the following words:

“Pepsi sought to convey a universal message of unity, peace and understanding. We did not achieve our goal clearly and we apologize. We did not intend to belittle any serious issue. We shoot advertisements from all channels. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in such a position.”

Model and reality show star Jenner has not made any statement so far about the criticisms and cancellation of the ad.

Why did kendall jenner get backlash with her pepsi ad 4 gmspors

Jenner became the first model to star in Pepsi’s global campaign since the 1992 Cindy Crawford commercial.

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