Why did Kanye West toilet over the Grammy award?

This time Kanye West flushed one of her most prestigious awards, the Grammy award!

Kanye West, who has been on the agenda with scandalous scandals since the day he was nominated for the presidency, this time published a video on Twitter where he was on the Grammy award, one of the most prestigious awards. If you are trying to understand what is happening to Kanye West, why did this move and what was its purpose, then you are in the right place.

The incident started with a stack of tweets against Universal Music:

Kanye West has always been against something, making interesting and even absurd statements. As if his candidacy for the presidency was not shocking enough, his statements on abortion and political and political issues surprised everyone for a while. Then his wife, Kim Kardashian, reminded that Kanye West had bipolar and asked all the press and fans for understanding. Thus, we were convinced that Kanye West had a bipolar attack under all this chaos that we could not understand.

Kanye West is coming up with new headlines and events every day, especially using Twitter, yes, but they were last seen talking in the car after the divorce issues with Kim Kardashian, and then it sort of calmed down. Until he started a war on Universal Music, the world’s largest music company, on Twitter.

Why did he decide to debut with Universal Music?

Kanye West, who wrote for a long time whatever he had on Twitter, decided to take Universal Music at its center this time. To summarize, what he is uncomfortable with and underlines is that his contracts with the company are unfair contracts and those that disregard his rights to his songs.

Having the main license of your works means having the right to use your songs wherever you want, for example in a movie, television show, advertisement, another visual creation or a media project. In fact, this is a situation that affects all artists, but the main problem with Kanye West is that the company’s white executives are offering contracts that are enough to exploit black singers. As he thought so, he published all ten contracts by tweeting one by one, asking lawyers around the world to examine the contracts.

“I will not bow to those who wronged my people”

The main reason why he shed the pages of his contracts by going to a Twitter rent is actually that he wants to get rid of ‘modern time slavery’. He also writes in his tweets that his aim was to stand up to the ‘masters’ who controlled his black artist friends by contracts, and that he endangered his own life for his people.

When you look at the starting point of the incident, I guess this is the most justifiable rebellion in the last year. I am unsure whether the aim is to attract attention or to really seek the rights and to open the eyes of all artist friends. But unfortunately, it is obvious that there is still an uninterrupted racism in almost every sector.

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“All artists will be free”

After Kanye West said that not only black singers but all artists are claiming their rights and are grateful for being in a strong position to do such a thing, you start to think that this is a detail that needs attention in the music industry. Kanye West’s uprisings on whatever subject are for some reason very aggressive and cause complete chaos as they are embellished with insulting phrases.

When bipolar disease comes to mind again, even if there is a right side on something, it manages to immerse itself and at the end of the day, people say “I think he has attacks again, he needs treatment.” But in fact, what he’s trying to point out on this is pretty clear, at least. As he highlighted in his tweet, West said, “When you sign a music deal, you cancel your rights. You cannot do anything with your own music without the master license rights. Someone else controls where and when it is played. For this reason, the fame gained by the artists will not have anything to do with their tours, ”he says.

And although the main issue started with the injustice he thought was done to him and his black colleagues, he even asked for help from Taylor Swift, with whom he had a lot of problems in his time and still did not contact him, to free not only a certain group but all artists …

Kanye West shares a video of toileting after Grammy award

At that point, while presenting an argument that could possibly be taken seriously and should be considered, Kanye West shares a video where he toileted for the Grammy award… “Believe me, I will not stop”, we see the Grammy award, one of the most prestigious awards, in the toilet and the award is small. He is toileting.

I mean, we really need to congratulate him. Indeed, this is not the way to express your opinion and to seek your rights on some issues. This is a very aggressive and disrespectful move. I don’t know for what purpose he is sharing the video of his own Grammy award but Kanye West is an artist who has won a total of 21 Grammy awards so far. To toilet on an award that the entire art community values ​​and appreciate and to share it as a video, it really makes us say “He’s out of his mind”.

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Why did Kanye West toilet over the Grammy award?

The video was watched by 20 million people and of course garnered backlash

Kanye West recently stated that African-Americans do not get a fair share of companies run by white executives. He cited the NBA and the music industry as an example, and claimed they were used. In essence, it is obvious that he is looking for freer and fairer options for blacks, and I think this is never bad intention, but I really cannot understand why he is trying to do this with such an interesting and disturbing language and attitude.

It is my last wish to say that he needs help and to get out of the subject, but unfortunately, after these fiascoes that have been overlapping lately, he does not leave anything else to say. I have begun to question whether it is because of the attacks caused by bipolar disease or is it the general temperament … Whatever the reason for these attitudes, it is certain that he must learn to take control of himself in some way and to articulate in a more explanatory and calm manner the issues that a large part of them can give and stand behind.

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