Why did Emily Ratajkowski break up with her husband, Sebastian Bear McClard?

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 10 gmspors

Emily Ratajkowski has been revealed to have been cheated on by her husband, Sebastian Bear McClard. She has been cheated on many times by her supermodel husband.

From the outside, they had a very happy marriage. Moreover, they crowned their love with their little son. But it was once again revealed that nothing is as it seems from the outside. Described as one of the most beautiful women in the world, the famous model parted ways with her husband, who cheated on her many times.

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 10 gmspors

The marriage of model and actress Emily Ratajkowski and her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear McClard, has come to an end. The 31-year-old model, known as Emrata in show business, and her 41-year-old husband, Bear McClard, parted ways. The reason for this is that Sebastian Bear McClard allegedly cheated on his wife not once, but many times. According to People magazine, it was Emily Ratajkowski who took the decision to leave.

A source speaking to the magazine stated that the couple broke up after the cheating was revealed and it was Emrata’s decision. The same source said, “Emily feels good and strong. She is completely focused on her son. She loves being a mother.” In the meantime, let’s remind you that Emrata and Sebastian Bear McClard have a one-year-old son named Sylvester Apollo Bear.

Emrata and Sebastian Bear McClard are officially divorced

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 1 gmspors

Emrata and Sebastian Bear McClard are officially divorced. People supported the famous model and cursed her husband.

Although the subject of cheating is claimed as a reason for separation, sources close to Emily Ratajkowski state that this is true. Speaking to Page Six, a source said Sebastian Bear McClard had “serialized” cheating on his wife.

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 3 gmspors

According to the information received, although it is said that Emily Ratajkowski has not officially filed for divorce yet, there are those who claim that they are divorced. But in recent days, she has been seen many times without a wedding ring on her finger. In addition, Ratajkowski also revealed that he took the wedding ring off his finger in a social media post.

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear McClard got married in a simple ceremony on February 23, 2018. The couple, who went to the wedding ceremony in New York, vowed to each other in the presence of only a small number of friends. Emrata, who did not wear a wedding dress at the ceremony, announced the news by sharing her photos taken on her happy day on her social media page.

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 4 gmspors

Emrata and her husband had not been on good terms for a while. Finally, it was noteworthy that Ratajkowski did not share anything about his wife on Father’s Day last June. Emrata, who uses social media very actively, skips such a day in the minds of her fans, “Is there a problem in their marriage?” aroused the question.

Emily Ratajkowski was also on the agenda with the statements she made when she was about to become a mother. The model, who was on the cover of the US edition of Vogue, posed for the magazine with her growing belly. Emily Ratajkowski, who shared the good news with her followers by sharing those poses on social media, said that they would not learn the gender of her baby until she was born. In an article he wrote for the magazine, Ratajkowski announced that they would not raise their babies “gender-oriented”. His words also caused controversy.

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 2 gmspors

After the birth of her baby, Emrata drew the arrows of criticism with a post that she held in her arms as if she were going to drop it. Ratajkowski also shared the poses taken with his baby, who wore a swimsuit compatible with his own bikini, on his Instagram account. It was noteworthy that Ratajkowski, who gave birth last March, got into shape in a short time. But there was another detail that attracted attention and was discussed in her posts.

It was also the way the model known in show business as “Emrata” held her son Sylvester in her arms. In two of his posts, Sylvester, who was held by his mother with one arm, almost seemed to fall. A social media user commented on Ratajkowski’s post, “She is holding her son with one hand to show how beautiful she looks.”

Another expressed her opinion, “Who would hold their baby like that? It’s like he’s carrying an accessory.” Another user stated that he was afraid for the baby. There were also those who accused Ratajkowski of being “selfish” because of these poses. Another even asked, “Did she drop the baby after she took this photo?” she asked.

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 5 gmspors

Emily Ratajkowski makes daring poses that she often does

Emily Ratajkowski does not fall off the agenda with her statements as well as her bold social media posts. In October of last year, Ratajkowski wrote striking lines about the price of beauty in her book My Body. Emrata wrote about what it was like to grow up with such a remarkable beauty. What she got as a reward for this beauty and, of course, what price she paid.

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 6 gmspors

In her book, 31-year-old Ratajkowski also described how singer Robin Thicke harassed him in the music video for the song Blurred Lines, which opened the door to fame. But judging by the model’s book, this isn’t her first time thanking him. The London-born model, whose full name is Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski, has articulated the price of beauty in her book. Ratajkowski wrote of her family’s obsession with her appearance, how these visual traits make her a sexual object in the eyes of some people. Emily Ratajkowski, known in the fashion world as “Emrata”, also described in her book how a middle school teacher broke the clasp of her bra years before Thicke harassed her while filming her music video.

Ratajkowski, who was born in London and moved to San Diego, USA with his family at a young age, also wrote in his book that he grew up listening to the stories of his mother’s breathtaking beauty. His mother, Kathy, who was a very beautiful girl in her youth, would often tell of how male students who admired her had serenaded her under her bedroom window. And, of course, what those who envy her beauty do. Ratajkowski wrote that she understood at a young age that this legacy of ‘beauty’ from her mother was also her destiny.

‘MY MOM PRAISE TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EVERY NIGHT’: Ratajkowski described that period in his book with these lines: “It was especially important for my mother that her daughter was perceived as ‘beautiful’. My mother used to pray to God at night to ‘make her the most beautiful’. Beauty is mine. It was also a way of being special to him. I felt how much my family loved me when I was special.”

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 9 gmspors

Ratajkowski, who had such a remarkable beauty and grew aware of this, did not have to wait long for her modeling career. Ratajkowski was discovered by a model agent at the age of 14 while waiting in line at the checkout counter at a convenience store. She thought that being a model would please her family, and that’s how her career that would shape her life began.

Although she attracted attention with her beauty, Ratajkowski’s height of 1.70 cm was not really suitable for her to take the podium. For this, she was directed to bikini and lingerie shoots. According to her writings, Ratajkowski initially thought that being perceived as a sexual object had a kind of liberating effect on her. This was true up to a point. Because it opened the doors of fame to him and made him earn a lot of money in a short time that he could not get in other jobs. But he also realized that the ‘liberating and empowering’ part of the job was not what he thought.


Emily ratajkowski is in the forefront with her sports illustrated bikini style 2 gmspors

Ratajkowski also drew attention by describing what happened behind the scenes of the video clip for Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines, which made her famous in her book. In October of last year, these confessions of Ratajkowski remained on the agenda for a long time. Emrata claimed that Thicke harassed her while filming the music video in 2013.

Ratajkowski, along with Pharrell Williams and three of her colleagues, talked about what happened behind the camera of the clip. The famous model actually explained that the crew consists mainly of women and that they generally had a good time during the shoot. However, the model added that these feelings changed when she was alone with Robin Thicke.

Emily ratajkowski is in the forefront with her sports illustrated bikini style 1 gmspors

Said Thicke was harassing her

Explaining that Thicke harassed her, Emily Ratajkowski claimed that the famous singer was drunk at the time. Then he continued: “He hands my bare breasts and smiled. Then he staggered backwards.” Ratajkowski stated that director Diane Mortel also saw these and asked him if he was okay. Emily Ratajkowski, who did not react at all to what was going on at that moment, but also told in her book that she felt bad.

CLIP DISCONTINUED: The music video for the song Blurred Lines, which instantly drew attention to Emily Ratajkowski, was later removed from the air on the grounds that it contained a misogynistic message that fueled gender discrimination.

Emrata Responded to Her Claims That She Was Cheated With Twitter Likes Celebrating Her Divorce!

While everything was going well, there were allegations that Emrata was cheated on by her husband with a waiter recently. Emrata, on the other hand, did not make any statement on this issue.

Emrata, who liked the tweets confirming the betrayal on Twitter, also confirmed that he will divorce his wife soon.

Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 8 gmspors
Why did emily ratajkowski break up with her husband sebastian bear mcclard 7 gmspors

“Emrata finally getting rid of that man proves God is real”

A few days after the allegations of cheating and Emrata’s preparations for divorce emerged, it was also noticed that the famous model, seen in New York, took off her wedding ring.

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