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Why did Dele Alli’s girlfriend break up?

After Dele Alli broke up with her girlfriend, the famous footballer’s performance dropped drastically. Ruby Mae managed to surprise us by her departure from Dele Alli.

Tottenham’s star footballer Dele Alli and model girlfriend Ruby Mae split up. Mae’s reason for leaving Alli was shocking.

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He broke up with his girlfriend Dele Alli because of his addiction

Dele Alli, who played in Tottenham, one of the English Premier League teams, left her lover. The star football player, who is addicted to online games, has a hard time both in his business and private life.

The future of Jose Mourinho continues to be debated in Tottenham, the unformed team of the last weeks in the English Premier League. North London team, which is 9th in the league with 36 points, managed to win only 1 in the last 6 games.

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Dele Alli, one of the out-of-form and unlucky names of the season, cannot find the first 11 chances under Mourinho’s management. Alli was able to play only 6 games in the league this season. In total, he had a chance in 17 matches.

Dele Alli, who could not get the chance to form as much as he wanted after Jose Mourinho came to the head of the team in Tottenham, came as a shock from his girlfriend model Ruby Mae.

Ruby, who had a mutinous and peaceful relationship, left the English footballer completely. Friends of the couple stated that Alli spent a lot of time playing online and Ruby couldn’t stand it any longer and was angry.

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While playing online games, Dele does not fail to publish it to many of his followers. Even Alli’s birthday cake, who loves to play and makes use of most of his time outside of football, was his game arm.

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Dele Alli’s girlfriend, model Ruby Mae

Ruby Mae, model girlfriend of Tottenham’s world star Dele Alli, continues to rock Instagram.

Alli has been dating model Ruby Mae since 2016. However, Ruby Mae made her statements after she broke up with the famous footballer.

Usually posted on Instagram, Mae gets thousands of likes with each photo.

Finally, Mae’s bikini pose, who shared a photo with her dogs Dele Alli and Uno from the Sandbanks area, where coronavirus cases were intense, was very popular before leaving.

The beautiful model frequently shares photos with her dog Uno.

Ruby Mae has 94 thousand followers on Instagram.

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