Why Did Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau Break Up?

Let’s take a close look at Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau’s Full Relationship and Breakup Timeline and examine why our crazy girls ended their relationship.

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau might have declared their parted in February 2019, yet the two haven’t quit tossing conceal at one another since.

The pair started off their relationship during the Life Is Beautiful live performance in September 2017, and starting there on, they were basically indistinguishable. While commending their one-year commemoration in September 2018, Tana said that Bella completely changed her “until the end of time.”

The YouTube star proceeded, “You battled for me with everything in you as the need should arise. You never abandoned me, you remained while the going got extreme, you urged me to be me … You are the absolute best, unbelievable, skilled, certain, versatile, STRONG, SELFLESS individual I’ve at any point met and consistently I enjoy with you I’m roused and thankful. Here’s to a year with the young lady that caused me to understand that for me, love has no orientation or limits. It’s simply love.”

Tana likewise confessed to fans in a January 2019 video blog that when she met the previous Disney Channel star, it was “a lot of moment love.” But after one month, Bella affirmed that she and Tana chose to head out in a different direction in a Twitter message.


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Trying to “get reality behind misleading content,” Alex won’t hesitate to pose his visitors the hard-hitting inquiries. With Tana known for tell the truth and open on the Internet, it’s nothing unexpected that she was capable.

Alex opened up the meeting by getting some information about her dating history and, all the more explicitly, her relationship with Bella.

Any reasonable person would agree that Tana and Bella were one of the most renowned, though surprising, couples via web-based entertainment. The pair split in 2019 subsequent to dating for a long time. Their separation was irrefutable, with the two openly beefing and tossing conceal at each other. Bella even delivered a tune about Tana, named SFB, an abbreviation for “Idiotic F — ruler Bitch.” The YouTuber proceeded to present a response video on Bella’s melody, just stoking the fire.

Addressing the relationship, Tana told Alex, “I certainly certify Bella to a great deal of my prosperity, even right up ’til now. I assume I was a totally different individual before I met her. I think she was the main individual to at any point show me – you know, as – Hollywood.”

While Tana concedes she was “certainly exceptionally pissed” and “upset” about SFB, she proceeds to “commend” Bella.

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