Why did a Google Doodle use a Hong Kong comedian?

Why is Google Doodle celebrating the Hong Kong comedian’s 77th birthday today? Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 77th birthday of Lydia Tin Ha Sum, one of Hong Kong’s most beloved actresses and comedians.

Always having a big physique with a chubby hairstyle and black-rimmed glasses, Sum is affectionately known to her fans as “Happy Fruit” and “Bibi” (which means “fat fat”).

The Google doodle illustration is a movie reel rendered in an appropriately playful and childish style, showcasing her comedic and acting talents.

Google Doodle is respecting one of Hong Kong’s most adored comics, Lydia Tin Ha Sum. The Chinese star is likewise popular for her acting job in Singapore’s hit sitcom, Living with Lydia.

The endearing doodle sees Lydia through the different phases of her life and vocation. She is wearing her particular short hair and dim rimmed displays.

Who was Lydia Tinhasum?

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Sum was born in Shanghai in July 1945. She is the brother of Canadian fashion designer and businessman Alfred Sung.

She was a young actress who joined the Shaw Brothers, Hong Kong’s largest film production company, in 1960 at the age of 15. The same year the peach blossoms bloom.

Sum had success with the Shaw Brothers and her real breakthrough came in 1967 as an actress on a popular variety show. Enjoy tonight on TVB.

The program, which is broadcast every night for 90 minutes, includes Saturday Night live singing, dancing, short drama and variety plays.

Sum has become perhaps the most iconic MC and has been instrumental in her rising popularity.

She also has an extensive film career, appearing in more than 100 films in multiple languages.

She was mostly a comedic and dramatic actor, but occasionally took on direct roles.

Which movies has she acted in?

Sum has acted in popular Cantonese movies. 72 The Tenant’s House is about the lives of residents living in dilapidated apartments. Her realistic portrayal of working-class women won the hearts of her audience and reached number one at the 1973 Hong Kong box office.

She continued in similar roles. Mad, Mad, Mad World is a four-part blockbuster comedy about a poor family in search of wealth.

Other notable works include the 1986 hit comedy. Millionaire Express is a 1984 martial arts film by director Hong Sam-mo and Yuan Wu-ping, Drunk Tai Chi.

In 1976, Some co-directed the film. you are awesome – Her last movie was a 2004 Cantonese comedy film directed by Clifton Ko Chi-Sum, an outlaw.

Sum appeared in the 2000s Singapore sitcom Living With Lydia, and her performance won the “Best Actor Comedy Performance” award at the 2003 Asian Television Awards.

This show was her first performance in a British sitcom in a multi-camera format.

Sum has been married to actor and singer Adam Cheng Siu-chow for three years and they have a child named Joyce Cheng. Cheng is now a singer, writer and actor.

Sum died in 2008 at the age of 62 after various health problems.

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