Whoever wins from Sabrinna Cabral followers will have sex with the winner

The famous phenomenon has drawn among its followers, and will have sexual intercourse with the winner.

A surprising move came from 25-year-old social media phenomenon Sabrinna Cabral. Cabral, who drew among her followers to collect the money for breast reduction surgery, said that she would have a relationship with the winners. Cabral’s move drew criticism.

Whoever wins from sabrinna cabral followers will have sex with the winner 1 gmspors

Sabrinna Cabral, a social media phenomenon living in Brazil, has not fallen off the agenda with her recent actions. Explaining that she will have plastic surgery to reduce the size of her chest, Cabral signed an interesting method when she could not afford it.

Phenomenon name will receive the cost of plastic surgery from its followers. Cabral admitted that at the end of the time she would spend with 5 lucky names with a draw on social media, she could collect the money necessary for the aesthetic operation and drew a lottery among her followers. Winners will be announced in the coming days.

Whoever wins from sabrinna cabral followers will have sex with the winner 2 gmspors

Stating that the idea of ​​​​the sexual intercourse drawing on social media emerged as a joke, Cabral said, “I was on the waiting list for plastic surgery. This procedure is very expensive. I decided to do this drawing as a joke. However, I encountered such intense demand that it suddenly became a reality.”

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