American sports icon Toni Stone has been shown as an icon on google in the past months. Google honored and commemorated Toni Stone.

Toni Stone was honored in 2022 in honor of Black History month in the United States.

Google Doodle paid homage to Toni Stone on February 9th.

Who is Toni Stone?

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In honour of Black History month in the United States, Google paid a tribute to African American sports icon Toni Stone with a Doodle on February nine.

Toni Stone, born Marcenia Lyle Stone in West Virginia, was the first of three women to previously play full-time professional baseball for the Indianapolis Clowns in all-male black leagues. This also made her the first woman to play regularly on an American major league professional baseball team.

Although the sportswoman passed away in 1996, aged seventy five, her legacy in baseball is remembered to at the moment.

On Feb nine, 2021, Toni became inducted into the Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame for her notable contribution to baseball.

Toni Stone was the main lady in history to play proficient baseball in a men’s significant association.

Who is toni stone 1 gmspors

Brought into the world as Marcenia Lyle Stone in 1921 in West Virginia’s Bluefield, Toni experienced childhood in a time of articulated racial isolation in US sports.

Notwithstanding, on account of her coarseness and enthusiasm for baseball, by the simple age of 15, she had broken numerous orientation standards in sports.

The year 1946 denoted the start of Toni’s celebrated lifetime as a games proficient as she stepped up to the plate for the San Francisco Sea Lions.

In the impending years, she kept on bridging the United States while playing a respectable halfway point for the small time side New Orleans Creoles.

One more significant profession achievement for Toni came in 1953 when she filled the spot of Hank Aaron as the second baseman for the Indianapolis Clowns, which was one of baseball’s most renowned groups.

The baseball champion needed to exit school and work as a shipyard forklift administrator and a cafeteria representative in San Francisco to get by prior to suceeding as a sportsperson.

“Toni’s gift was to play sports, and she is celebrated today because she fought to play in a mens’ baseball club in Minnesota. With the help of her priest who spoke to the baseball club’s coach, Toni got into the club,” her niece, Maria Bartlow, told Google.

“During Toni’s career, she suffered humiliating prejudices from the audience and her teammates. However, she never let that stop her from playing baseball.”

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The February 9 Doodle was outlined by San Francisco-based craftsman Monique Wray as she observed Marcenia “Toni” Stone.

The gif sees Toni Stone in an Indianapolis Clowns shirt, remaining in front of a gigantic scoreboard and an arena brimming with baseball fans.

The top dog gets a quick ball prior to changing it to her other hand and making a hard toss.


The baseball pioneer proceeded to wed Aurelious Pescia Alberga, a man 40 years her senior, during the 1950s.

A report in BlackPast states that he didn’t endorse her baseball vocation. Notwithstanding, nothing could hinder Toni, who kept on playing for the Indianapolis Clowns until her retirement in 1954.

The pair allegedly stayed wedded until Alberga’s demise.

Toni passed on November 2, 1966, in a nursing home in Alameda, California.

Is Toni Stone a real person?

Toni Stone (July 17, 1921 – November 2, 1996), brought into the world as Marcenia Lyle Stone in West Virginia, was the first of three ladies to play proficient baseball full-time for the Indianapolis Clowns, in the beforehand all-male Negro associations.

For what reason was Toni Stone critical?

As per Major League Baseball, Toni was the main lady to play proficient baseball consistently in a significant men’s expert baseball association. She supplanted Hank Aaron when she joined the Negro American League.

Who is the main female in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Brought into the world in 1897 in Philadelphia, Effa Manley was an American baseball chief who co-possessed the Newark Eagles of the Negro National League close by her significant other, Abe Manley. In 2006, she turned into the primary lady to be accepted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

How did Toni Stone change baseball?

Toni Stone 1921-1996. In 1953, Toni Stone not just turned into the primary lady to play as a standard on a major association proficient ball club, the Negro American League’s Indianapolis Clowns, yet she likewise played one of the most troublesome positions, a respectable halfway point.

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