Who is Tiktok Star Nina Lin who leaked to the Met Gala?

We have prepared an informative content for you about Nina Lin, the owner of the content that went viral with the 2021 video of the Met Gala.

Who is Nina Lin, the owner of the video titled “I managed to infiltrate the Met Gala, which has reached millions of fans with the videos she shot on Tiktok in the past years”?

Tiktok Girl

Who is tiktok star nina lin who leaked to the met gala 2 gmspors

The most popular influencers of recent years are either popular on Tiktok or Instagram. Nina Lin is also a Tiktok Girl who started shooting videos on tiktok and managed to gain millions of fans with the Met Gala event. We call her Tiktok girl as she shares the same content style as many other girls on Tiktok. She also attaches great importance to patching a phenomenon and impressive content that will impress her followers.

The 21-year-old tiktok user has thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. She is just one of the Influencers who make money from social media. In addition, her posts can sometimes be quite remarkable.

Who is Nina Lin?

Assortment content maker on TikTok who is known for sharing lip sync, way of life, parody, magnificence and fan reaction recordings on her n.nina666 account. She has more than 2.,6 million devotees on the stage. She likewise has a YouTube channel where she has transferred a video of her slipping into the Met Gala in 2021.

She made her TikTok debut in May of 2020. Perhaps her earliest video is set to Absofacto’s “Disintegrate.”

She kept substantially sounds from a public bathroom in a viral video saw in excess of 9 million times.

Her mother has shown up in her substance.

In late 2020, she made a TikTok set up with a good soundtrack by rapper Sage The Gemini.

How old?

Nina is 21 years old and was born on June 3, 2001.

Place of birth

United States of America

zodiac sign


She is a dancer on Tiktok

Who is tiktok star nina lin who leaked to the met gala 1 gmspors

Like many Tiktok Girls, she also shoots dance videos. She also has videos of him talking about questions and answers from her fans and interesting topics. However, it has a place among Tiktok dancers who imitate trend dances.

As for her origins, she has an Asian facial features.

Her video about the met premiere on Youtube became her most watched content.

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