Who is Tiktok Star Cemre Solmaz?

Who is Cemre Solmaz, a tiktok user who became popular in Turkey and then in Germany and America with her videos on Tiktok?

Turkish tiktoker Cemre Solmaz, who has millions of Tiktok and Instagram followers, is known for suddenly having great wealth and popularity.

Who is Cemre Solmaz?

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Who is Cemre Solmaz? Where is she from, how old is she, what is her occupation? Information about her life and about!

The life of the famous Youtube and Tiktok phenomenon Cemre Solmaz is curious. So who is Cemre Solmaz, where is she from, how old is she, what is her profession? What is the date of birth? What is her height and weight?

Cemre Solmaz was born in 2000 in Fatsa, Ordu. Currently living in Istanbul, Cemre Solmaz has more than 2.1 million subscribers on Youtube.

Cemre Solmaz started working in a hospital after 2 years of nursing education. The young Youtuber first became famous for her Tiktok posts. Cemre Solmaz, who later opened a Youtube channel, now has 2.1 million subscribers on Youtube. Tiktok has around 8.1 million subscribers.

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Cemre Solmaz was born on April 13, 2000

How old is Cemre Solmaz : 20 years old

Where is Cemre Solmaz originally from : Ordu, Fatsa

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What is Cemre Solmaz’s profession: Youtuber, Nurse

What is Cemre Solmaz’s zodiac sign: Aries

How tall is Cemre Solmaz : 1.68 m

Cemre Solmaz how many kilos : 50 kg

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Cemre Solmaz Tiktok

Cemre Solmaz is a Turkish phenomenon with 8.1 million followers on Tiktok. In addition to having a huge fan base, the Tiktok girl often produces videos in the category of dance and fiction.

She is on tiktok with the username cemresolmaz and has more than 640 million video likes.

Turkish online media powerhouse and content maker who turned into a whiz on TikTok. Her viral music, satire and dance cuts have assisted her with securing 8.1 million fans and in excess of 640 million Likes.

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She made her YouTube divert in 2018 yet didn’t post her basic video until June 2019.

She’s likewise well known on Instagram where she shares travel and way of life photographs with 1.8 million adherents.

She has a canine named Pusu.

Matt Krath and Merve Yalcin are two other TikTok superstars with Turkish lineage.


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What is Cemre Solmaz’s Instagram Address?

Cemre Solmaz’s Instagram address is @cemresolmaz. Cemre Solmaz is a tiktok phenomenon with 2.7 million followers on Instagram and will soon have 3 million followers.

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