Who is Stephanie Sanzo?

Meet Stephanie Sanzo, a fitness trainer and beverage maker with millions of fans on Instagram.

Previously known as Steph Fit Mum, she is a mentor and wellness blogger who started wellness displaying in 2013. She has likewise turned into a superstar fitness coach and is referred to on Instagram as stephaniesanzo where she has more than 2.5 million devotees. She likewise made the BUILD work out regime.

In her childhood, she was never keen on work out. Be that as it may, subsequent to putting on 25 kgs in the wake of getting pregnant with her most memorable kid, she chose to start practicing and power lifting.

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She has a self-named YouTube channel where she has posted wellness recordings and video blogs.

She is the mother of two youngsters, one child and one girl.

She is important for the Strong Liftwear wellness group close by Lauren Findley.

Possess an impressive physique

Born in 1987, Stephanie Sanzo wasn’t particularly interested in physical exercise growing up. She wasn’t even 19 when she started taking care of her body. She had to take care of her body as she gave birth to her son and subsequently gained weight. During this period, Stephanie gained over 25 kilograms. As she herself said, her eating habits were unhealthy; “In my first pregnancy, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, including fast food and chocolate.” The sudden weight change came as a shock to the young mother, as Stephanie usually weighs 47 pounds. Stephanie then started working out at home with a pair of dumbbells to get rid of excess fat. She also quit her job, which required him to travel a lot, and took a personal training course in hopes of becoming an expert trainer.

Whenever she had free time from personal training courses and taking care of her son, Stephanie would go out and run. Sometimes she would run up to 10 kilometers a day. With this new activity, Stephanie saw a significant weight loss. However, she had a pelvis prolapse after giving birth to her second child. This prevented him from continuing her running activities. Stephanie became interested in weight training after looking for other ways to stay in shape. she started off modestly by lifting a pair of light weights at home. Realizing that she gains muscle easily, Stephanie decided to get a gym membership to start training more seriously.

“My coach gave me a schedule for the gym for 16 weeks and taught me how to lift weights.” – Stephanie Sanzo

Stephanie Sanzo is a strong woman

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She started preparing for her first competition in 2012. She switched to a clean diet and hard training. She joined the show in 2013 and took 2nd place. She continued to compete in small shows for the next 3 years.

After that, she decided to take a break from her competitive lifestyle as her constant low-calorie and strict diet was ruining her health and lifestyle. She also had to take care of two young children, which she said was a challenge on her own. After stepping out of her competitive career, Stephanie decided to take a different but quite similar path to fitness. She became a certified personal trainer and devoted all her free time to coaching her clients.

She also began to pay more attention to her training style, which changed dramatically after she stopped competing. Stephanie decided to share some of her clients’ success stories and transformation online. She started posting daily pictures, inspirational quotes, and her own workout videos. With her decision to start posting daily content, she saw Stephanie become extremely popular. She has now earned the nickname “Steph Fit Candle”, which he uses on her social media profiles.

Stephanie aims to continue her fitness and strength goals for the future. She also wants to be consistent in the gym or in her private life. For her, it’s not about “winning Miss World”, it’s about inspiring others and having a vision of health and strength. Stephanie Sanzo has 2 million followers on Instagram.

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