Who is Saul Huerta? Morena attorney accused of sexually abusing a minor

Saúl Huerta Corona, a federal MP for Morena seeking reelection in the 11th district of Puebla city, has been accused by the 15-year-old victim of sexual abuse.

Benjamin Saúl Huerta Corona, a lawmaker from Morena, was arrested today in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office by elements of the Investigative Police (PDI), on charges of his possible involvement in aggravated sexual abuse and rape of minors.

On August 11, this was outrageous and the General Assembly of the House of Representatives declared it acceptable to take criminal action against him.

Deputies from all parliamentary groups endorsed the opinion of the Investigation Division, considering that there were sufficient elements to prove the possible responsibility of the former morenista MP.

Who is Saul Huerta Morena attorney accused of sexually abusing a minor GMSPORS

Legislator Benjamín Saúl Huerta Corona had resigned from Morena’s candidacy for re-election as federal lawmaker after being accused of sexual misconduct.

Who is Benjamin Saul Huerta Corona?

Saúl Huerta Corona, a federal MP for Morena seeking reelection in the 11th district of Puebla city, has been accused by the 15-year-old victim of sexual abuse. The Legislative Auxiliary Board was originally in the Totimehucan Capital City of San Francisco, and before Morena was shown as a militant, he began his political life in the PRI.

Huerta Coronado, 63, holds a Law degree from the Autonomous University of Puebla, as well as a degree in Public Policy and Political Marketing.

He began his political activity in 1973 as a member of the PRI’s Confederation of National People’s Organizations (CNOP). State Steering Committee in 1986 and Organizational Secretary of the same state committee in 2005.

From 1977 to 1979 he was secretary of the San Francisco Totimehuacan vice presidency of the City of Puebla; He was the census and municipal delegate in Jolalpan from 1979 to 1980, and a junior agent of the public ministry in San Francisco Totimehuacan from 1980 to 1983.

In 2010 he was one of the candidates for the PRI candidacy for mayor of Puebla, corresponding to Blanca Alcalá Ruiz.

He was deputy secretary of the PRI state committee chairman from 2011 to 2012, and in 2012 was the same party’s federal candidate for parliament, a contest he lost.

Saúl Huerta resigned from the PRI membership and joined Morena, who in 2018 nominated him as a federal parliamentary candidate for Puebla’s 11th district, which he won. He was re-elected in the June 6, 2021 elections.

Accusations against Saúl Huerta very serious: governor of Puebla

According to Puebla governor Miguel Barbosa, the accusation of lustful touching and sexual abuse of a child under the age of 15 against Puebla federal lawmaker Saúl Huerta Corona are “very, very serious accusations” and “shameful facts”. . At a conference in Puebla, the president was now questioned about the former candidate’s arrest.

In response, he said that the facts needed to be clarified and that Saúl Huerta would be punished if he committed the crime for which he was accused. “These are very, very serious accusations against Deputy (Saúl) Huerta, very embarrassing facts that need to be clarified and, where appropriate, punish anyone with responsibility.” Barbosa assured that political parties were not responsible for the behavior of their members, and declined to mention whether this case would affect Morena in the June 6 elections.

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The candidates in Puebla for federal deputies of the Va Por México alliance, consisting of the PAN, PRI and PRD, demanded that Morena not protect Benjamín Saúl Huerta.

Carolina Beauregard, Huerta’s direct rival, said there should be “zero tolerance for sexual abuse of girls, boys and adolescents” and would not allow her to “take refuge” in the jurisdiction granted to her.