Who is Reagan Shumate in The Black Phone?

Who is reagan shumate in the black phone 2 gmspors

Who is Reagan Shumate? Reagan Shumate (born 2006) American Actress | singer | dubbing. He has just started acting in movies and TV shows and is best known for “The Black Phone”.

Reagan Shumate is on her way to becoming one of the new generation of child stars who don’t appear in movies.

She became known for her role in The Black Phone and achieved the most successful job of her career.

Who is reagan shumate in the black phone 2 gmspors

Reagan Shumate

This post contains data about the entertainer Reagan Shumate’s Wikipedia, age, level, body estimations, birthdate, guardians, public activity, and ten realities. Reagan was brought into the world in 2006.

Her origination is in Atlanta, GA. She grew up with her blissful guardians and family. Her parent’s information was not found. We should really look at Reagan’s instructive foundation. Her essential instruction information was not found however she got preparing from well known establishments.

Reagan started acting in melodic theater when she was five years of age. This is where she found her enthusiasm for acting and singing. She started her vocation in film when she was a decade old.

Her most memorable expert venture before the camera is “Love at the Shore.” She appreciates unwinding at the ocean side, surfing, and investing energy with loved ones in her extra time [Source-IMDb].

How old is Reagan Shumate

Who is reagan shumate in the black phone 1 gmspors

Reagan Shumate is an American child star born on July 28, 2006.

We have limited information about Reagan Shumate, who established herself as an actor and singer and has a small fan base on Instagram.

She is at the beginning of her current career and it is thought that she will achieve more successful works in the coming years.

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