Who is Queen City Dom? Overreacted to COVID vaccine

Queen City Dom overreacted to the COVID vaccine. A video she shared on Tiktok went viral. Queencitydom’s post was viewed more than 11 million times in a short time.

As the Delta variation of COVID-19 floods, wellbeing specialists concur that the most ideal approach to stem the flood of the pandemic and ensure yourself and your friends and family is to get immunized against the infection. Many individuals stay reluctant about the immunization, however, to a limited extent on account of falsehood that has spread fiercely across online media. Some are likewise reluctant due to singular stories they’ve caught wind of the immunization’s incidental effects, including one which as of late circulated around the web on TikTok.

The powerhouse Dominique De Silva (@queencitydom) had a super unfriendly response to the COVID immunization and presently experiences quakes and loss of motion.


There are countless stories like mine. We trusted science & now live in a never ending nightmare. ##vaccine ##vaccinecoronavirus

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A lady has turned into a web sensation on TikTok this week in the wake of sharing a video asserting that intricacies from the Covid immunization had given her other medical problems.

As of August 2021, approximately 47.6 million UK residents have had their first antibody portion, which is almost 90% of the grown-up populace.

Very nearly 41.2 million have had the two dosages, which means Britain has perhaps the best immunization rollout programs on the planet.


Who is Queen City Dom Allegations of vaccine complications 2 GMSPORS

The video QueenCityDom shared on Tiktok went viral. The woman got a very adverse reaction after the covid19 vaccine and her health condition deteriorated.

QueenCityDom’s video quickly became one of the most watched on Tiktok.

Dominique, or Queen City Dom as she’s known on the web, is a TikTok client with 248,000 devotees.

The North Carolina local joined the application this month, getting opposite Instagram, to guarantee that the Covid immunization made her wellbeing radically decrease.

Her sole video has now had over 11.1 million perspectives.

On August sixth, Dominique shared a video montage of clinical clasps that she guarantees were inconveniences from the Covid immunization.

From the start, you see her battling to stroll, prior to having various fits and investing heaps of energy in the medical clinic.

“Hey there. I know some of you might recognise me from my initial post on Instagram,” she said, referring to an Instagram post that went viral in July 2021.

“I’ve been hiding a lot and not showing exactly what this has done to me, but I’m done hiding, and I’m done being scared,” she continued before claiming it was the Covid-19 vaccine that did this to her.

“There are several stories like mine, the same doctors that told us this was safe, and the same doctors that were bushing us off as if we didn’t matter. It is now time that we are heard, seen and believed.”

De Silva’s side effects happened fourteen days after inoculation, and are random. There is no component by which a COVID antibody could cause seizures.

A viral video from the North Carolina realtor and powerhouse Dominique De Silva, also known as @queencitydom, asserts that she has experienced a super antagonistic response getting the Coronavirus immunization, and presently has quakes, loss of motion, and a large group of different indications. The video shows her shaking in a clinic bed, and has a voiceover saying that she will not be quiet about her antagonistic response.

Dominique De Silva says she got inoculated with Pfizer on March 18. She initially shared a video of her shaking in a medical clinic bed to Instagram on July 17 which was subtitled with a rundown of her new side effects. She then, at that point opened records on TikTok and Twitter to have comparable recordings with more film of her battling to walk, or shaking in a bed. As indicated by a GoFundMe page, her manifestations started seeming fourteen days in the wake of getting inoculated. She has effectively raised more than $10,000. On her GoFundMe page, and in two subsequent recordings she posted, she said that specialists had disclosed to her side effects were inconsequential to getting inoculated. She appears to stay persuaded that immunizations were the reason.


Dominique, who is on Instagram with the username @queencitydom and whose video on tiktok went viral, gained thousands of followers.

Who is Queen City Dom Allegations of vaccine complications 3 GMSPORS

The health condition of Dominique, who has just married, has been improving quite well lately. Her husband has never left Dominique alone and is supportive of him.

Dominique has 88 thousand followers on Instagram in a moment and continues to share her latest status with her fans.