Who is princess glitterhead the woman who went viral on tiktok with her makeup videos 2 gmspors

Who is Princess Glitterhead? The woman who went viral on Tiktok with her makeup videos

Have you seen some stunning transformations on a TikTok account called “Princess Glitterhead” lately? Want to know why this TikTok account is growing in popularity? If your answer is yes, here is all about the viral makeup artist from TikTok.

Recently, a TikTok account under the username “Princess Glitterhead” has been making the rounds for you on its page. This account is run by a toothless princess and her transformation videos stunned viewers. After coming across this viral lady’s makeup transformation videos, most of the followers trolled her. But celebrities are applauding the trolls.

Who is princess glitterhead the woman who went viral on tiktok with her makeup videos 2 gmspors

Who is Princess Glitterhead on TikTok?

TikTok’s Princess Glitterhead is a viral 4-year-old woman who is also said to be the mother of 36 children. She is also famous as the Toothless Princess as she lost all her teeth. The toothless princess rose to fame after sharing a snap in dentures and extreme makeup in April this year.

This current viral sensation has recently reached a milestone by gaining 1.7 Million followers on her TikTok account. Moreover, the number of followers is increasing day by day.

Reaching 12 million followers on June 1, she criticized her critics saying, “I am a happily married 15-year-old mother of four, and I do makeup for myself.” Still, Alicia’s (Princess Glitterhead’s) critics aren’t holding back, arguing that what she’s doing now is wrong and she should stop doing it.

Who is princess glitterhead the woman who went viral on tiktok with her makeup videos 1 gmspors

A lady has turned into a web sensation on TikTok in the wake of discussing existence with false teeth, and she’s been applauded for breaking the disgrace around counterfeit teeth.

Be straightforward. When you consider false teeth, what’s your opinion about? Elderly folks individuals, isn’t that so? The removable dentures have somewhat of a standing with the old, and that generalization should be broken.

Alicia, better referred to online as Princess Glitterhead is a TikTok client with 1.4 million adherents on her profile @princxssglitterhead.

The American lady began losing her teeth when she was 21-years of age and chose to get removable snap-in false teeth to recover her certainty.

“During my pregnancy, my teeth quickly started to rot — from the back to front. Both of my eye teeth severed at the gum line a week or something like that separated from one another. I laid in my yard feeling like my life was finished,” she told BuzzFeed.


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Why Is It Popular On TikTok?

Popular TikToker Alicia is acquiring notoriety by moving her false teeth on TikTok. Most clients like endeavors to lessen shame. While the quantity of adherents is expanding, the quantity of haters is likewise expanding. This impeccably legitimizes the truism “Few out of every odd supporter is your fan”.

Pundits of Alicia, one client “Total black magic” and another, “I believe it’s bogus promoting!” Wrote.

Another client said, “This should be unlawful,” while others said something that Alicia presently has “trust issues,” on account of her marvelous clasps.

In spite of being crushed by bad remarks, Alicia’s resolve is still high. He reacted to pundits by saying, “It’s not over until the pigs fly.” He likewise said, “It’s hard however awesome – you ought to never surrender until you’re glad and that is something to be pleased with. No disgrace.”

Close by the contrary remarks, there are likewise individuals who like their endeavors to spread energy. With respect to’s false teeth, one of her fans said, “Alicia actually gets a ton of positive remarks. “You just made me cry. I will wear prosthetics at 30… I unquestionably thought I was done…”

Princess Glitterhead Video

Alicia’s first video to go viral featured her amazing “catfish” transformation video. She also showed off her glows and dentures. The first viral video garnered 3.2 million views, and from that point on, Alicia’s TikTok account has continued to gather thousands of followers.

Although most of her video has millions of views, the most viral video shared recently has received 35 million views so far.

This viral lady is also a makeup artist, so she is also seen highlighting certain makeup products. Talking about her makeup skills, she wrote in one of her comments, “I am a makeup artist who has the right to wear the same makeup as everyone else.”

The toothless princess also talked about her tooth loss journey. She shares how she avoided going to the dentist during her pregnancy days while adopting an unhealthy lifestyle.


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