Who is Peter Lindbergh?

Although fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh passed away in 2019, his successful shots are still in mind. Despite the passing of one of the most successful photographers in the fashion world, Peter Lindbergh, his works are still in great demand.

Peter Lindbergh, one of the world’s most important fashion photographers, has passed away. Even after the death of the 74-year-old artist, to whom Meghan Markle sent a condolence message, he still has colleagues who admire him.

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Peter Lindbergh was a German fashion photographer and film director. He studied art in Berlin and Krefeld and exhibited his works before graduation. He returned to photography in 1971 and worked for Stern magazine.

Famous photographer Peter Lindberg, who left his mark on the 1990s, passed away yesterday. The news of his death was announced on the master’s social media account and it was said, “It is with great sadness that we announce that Peter Lindbergh passed away on September 3 at the age of 74.” After this news, world-famous stars brought Peter to their pages and published condolence messages. One of these names was Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex…

Lindbergh; A name that has been playing an active role in the fashion world since 1971. You can also remember Peter from Pirelli calendars, who photographed all supermodels in the 90s and added a different breath and emotion to fashion photography. He took campaign photos for Pirelli calendars for years.

Before Peter Lindbergh died, he worked for a special issue of Vogue magazine with Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, as a guest editor. For this issue, actress Jane Fonda took photos of many people, including environmental activist Greta Thunberg and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. Meghan, on the other hand, expressed her sadness in a long article and said that she was very sorry…

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Born in Leszno, Poland on November 23, 1944, Peter Lindbergh was only four months old when his family immigrated to Germany due to the conditions of the Second World War. He grew up in Duisburg, the center of the steel industry, which he later described as “Germany’s worst industrial area”. He moved to Berlin in the following years. Lindbergh made his name known by taking advertisement photos of a famous automobile company. She became more well-known thanks to her work published in the journal Stern. He later moved to Paris. At that time, the calendars were showing the year 1970.

His photographs began to be published in famous best-selling magazines. At that time, famous fashion companies lined up to work with him. He worked with star models of the period such as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista in the 1980s and 90s. Lindberg, who started his first photography experience in 1978, also took photos of the Pirelli calendar in 2017.

  • Born: 23 November 1944, Leszno, Poland
  • Date and place of death: September 3, 2019, Paris, France
  • Spouse: Petra Sedlaczek (d. 2002)
  • Children: Benjamin Lindbergh, Simon Lindbergh, Jeremy Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh’s photo shoot in New York in 1989 graced the January 1990 issue of British Vogue and became one of the most iconic cover shoots ever. This shoot not only heralded a new era in fashion photography, it also changed the way women’s beauty was perceived. The visual language of German photographer Lindbergh has always been nurtured by simplicity and reality. That’s why she released Kate Moss photos she took for Vogue Italia in 2015 without photoshop.

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