Who is Model Sergi Constance?

We give information about the male model Sergi Constance with his physique and face and robot image.

Sergi Constance, who is among the most remarkable male models of the world and started his career by doing sports, has become a very popular person in recent years. Constance, who has managed to attract attention especially thanks to his physique and face, is already receiving role offers from many famous directors and producers.

Fitness Model Sergi Constance

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Sergi Constance’s journey began when, like most of us, she first signed up for the gym wanting to improve overall size and strength. From that moment on, she understood how his body had changed and how it made his feel about himself. The exhibition was born in Valencia, Spain. As an avid lover of sports, his favorite subject at school was physical education. Confident in his athletic abilities, he decided to continue his education and went to university in Valencia. It is highly recognized for Sports Science and Physical Education.

Having spent his time working hard, Sergi also had the chance to model thanks to the effort he put into creating his aesthetic physique. However, after modeling, Sergi turned his attention to competing in Bodybuilding Shows. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Sports Science and Physical Activity, she later went on to build a successful career as a WBFF PRO Muscle Model.

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With its increasing popularity in a short time, Sergi, which has a growing fan base on social media, continues to work as the Global Ambassador of sports brands. He also works hard to promote his own company. There’s no sign of Constance slowing down. Sergi currently resides in Miami Florida, where he works as a fitness model, trainer, and entrepreneur. Sergi Constance has 5.1 million followers on Instagram under the username Sergioconstance.

“I always did a lot of sports and started training in the gym to get better physical condition. Bodybuilding was in my blood and gradually I focused on my favorite sport now being an athlete. Learning and developing step by step to try to get the best body possible. ”

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  1. Mr. Champion “Muscle and Fitness Cover model Search” at Olympia Weekend
  2. Men’s Physique NPC Tampa Wings of Strength Championship.
  3. Fl., EEUU and General Champion Male Physique. Men’s Physics NPC Southern States Championship, Fl., EEUU
  4. Men’s Physics IFBB La nucia xperience championship, Spain
  5. Men’s Physics IFBB Norway cup championship, Spain
  6. Men’s Physics IFBB Bigastro cup championship, Spain
  7. Men’s Physics IFBB Callosa de Segura championship, Spain
  8. Copa de España / Spain – Wabba 2011
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About Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance is a Spanish weight lifter, wellness model, and business person, who likewise holds a certificate in Sciences of Physical Education and Sports. As a Men’s Physique rival, he knows the test of remaining slender while likewise reassuring that genuine fit muscle development. He’s contended in various contests in Spain and all throughout the planet and has showed up on magazine covers including Iron Man, Muscle and Fitness, and Body Fitness Muscle Show.

Alongside his effective jock vocation, he is a coach, wellness model, and proprietor of his business where he modifies exercise projects and supper plans for individuals and invites them to look extraordinary with his attire line. As a genuine contender and somebody who truly thinks about wellness, taking notes from Constance will demonstrate advantageous for your own development, for he’s done this and is evidence this exercise can do some amazing things.

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