Who is Luciano Punzo? The man who got a kiss from Manuela Carriero

Temptation Island is the Neapolitan model that stands out for being close to Manuela Carriero in 2021. Punzo is already known on television. Mister Italia 2017 joined the Beijing Express with his friend Gennaro Lillio in 2020. Luciano is also the father of a three-year-old girl named Eva.

Who is Luciano Punzo?

Who is Luciano Punzo The man who got a kiss from Manuela Carriero 3

Among the singles of Temptation Island 2021, there is Luciano Punzo: 27 years old, in Naples, he is a character that is anything but foreign to the television world. Mister Italia 2017, which has already highlighted the obvious attention towards the Mediaset reality show Manuela Carriero has chosen to participate in the Temptation to give her lover, Stefano Sirena’s last chance , after betrayal . The feeling has grown and Luciano is closer to Manuela than ever before. Indeed, the young man announced his willingness to join Manuela after the program and reiterated his interest several times, especially after stealing a kiss from the young woman, who, by the way, did not hide her reach for him. The possible kiss of the duo is expected in the new episode, which will start on Monday, July 26th. Here’s everything you need to know about Luciano, known for his participation in the Beijing Express and father of a little girl to ballerina Valeria Iacomini.

Born in 1994, Luciano is originally from Naples but has always lived in San Giorgio a Cremano, in the province of Naples. She has been modeling for a few years after entering a competition for some fun. In 2017 she won the band for Mister Italia and was a guest in Barbara D’Urso’s living room at 5 PM. He has done several photography campaigns, but also works as a highway firefighter and attends the Academy of Cinema and Theater in Rome. Punzo joined Beijing Express in 2020 along with his compatriot and close friend Gennaro Lillio, model and former Big Brother rival. He and Lillio formed the Guaglioni couple, who were eliminated in the second episode. Unlike Luciano, Gennaro had a chance to return to the game by forming a new pair with his teammate Asia Argento, Vera Gemma, who had a broken leg. His profile on Instagram is @lucianopunzo_ .

Who is Luciano Punzo The man who got a kiss from Manuela Carriero 2

Luciano Punzo’s private life: his relationship with his ex-dancer girlfriend

Luciano Punzo is already the father of a beautiful three-year-old little girl named Eva. The little girl was born from the relationship between the Neapolitan model and Valeria Iacomino. The latter is also part of the entertainment world: he is actually a dancer at the San Carlo Theater in Naples. He and Iacomino are still too close for Eva’s love.

Luciano Punzo Popular On Instagram

He is very attached to his family and daughter. Luciano shares most of his moments with his child on social media. “A love for a lifetime”: That’s how she described their very strong relationship. “I always dreamed of having a daughter but never thought I would have a special daughter like you!” she wrote in one of her sweetest posts.