Who is Kazuyoshi Miura, the Oldest Football Player of the World?

Kazuyoshi Miura was 52 when she made headlines around the world last year, and is now 53 years old trying to become a legendary Japanese footballer. Alongside his name was the title of the oldest athlete playing professional football.

Its story in the 90s is a drama. Miura, who scored 13 goals under the Japanese uniform in the 1994 World Cup qualifiers, had a great disappointment when his country could not go to the finals. This performance made a tremendous impact in Europe, when Miura was 28, transferred to Italy to Genoa.

It cannot be said that it leaves a mark. Miura’s dream was the next World Cup. He scored 14 goals in the qualifiers, Japan qualified for the 1998 World Cup, but he watched from home. Miura returned to the national team two years later, but when he was 35, nobody thought of him at the World Cup (2002) held in his country. “Kazu” Miura, who scored 55 goals in 89 national matches, would fulfill his World Cup longing by playing in the 2012 Futsal World Cup at the age of 45.

Kazuyoshi Miura Oldest Professional Footballer

You grow up in the youth of a club and find yourself in the A team. Sometimes they say ‘You are not enough’. It is the dream of many footballers to quit football in the club they started, but not all of them come true. Some stop by at his home in the middle of his career, then make another road (Fabregas), others return to the fur shop after many years. There are two names, one of which is very familiar. Faryd Mondragon was one of the best goalkeepers in Super League history.

He came to Galatasaray from French Metz, went to Cologne in Germany. He was 43 years old when he moved on to the goal in the 2014 World Cup. Egyptian goalkeeper El-Hadary took that record four years later.

Mondragon, who played in Deportivo Cali, the team of the city where he was born in Colombia, during the 1990-91 season, returned to the fur shop after 21 years. Another name that returned to the club where he grew up after 21 years is Henrik Larsson, who signed for Hogaborg in 2013. Rivaldo and Dirk Kuyt, on the other hand, returned to their clubs after 20 years.

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Who is Kazuyoshi Miura, the Oldest Football Player of the World?

In these days when the FOOTBALL economy has bottomed out, falling reference fees, cuts in annual wages, lost sponsorships and stands that will remain empty in the near future are discussed. One of the topics is new stadiums or renovated stadiums. It is said that the renovation projects of Barcelona’s Camp Nou and Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu will be delayed and the projects will be archived financially.

Let’s go back to 13 years ago; Barcelona announced the renovation project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the legendary stadium Camp Nou. According to the critically acclaimed project of British architect Norman Foster, the capacity of Camp Nou will increase by 10 thousand and a roof will be built. The cost of the project was announced as 250 million Euros in 2007.

Next year, with the economic crisis that hit the whole world, this project was shelved like Valencia’s New Mestalla Stadium, whose rough construction was finished 11 years ago, and still stands today as a concrete pile.

Who is Kazuyoshi Miura, the Oldest Football Player of the World?

Kazuyoshi Miura is a Japanese football player. He went to Brazil while he was an amateur football player and started his professional career here. Between 1990 and 1998, he had great success with his performance in Verdy Kawasaki club and Japan national football team.

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