Who is influencer Marie Temara?

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Who is the “giant” influencer Marie Temara, who survived the epidemic with Onlyfans?

She worked as an accountant for many years but the Covid quarantine has left her unemployed. She went to the service platform and is now one of the most valuable members.

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Describing a life full of complexes, Marie Temara has more than 400 thousand followers on TikTok and is also dedicated to Onlyfans. She is a very tall woman who lives in the complex of being different and wants to show it through her social networks.

Her career on the web began with her Tiktok account, in which she humorously recounted the experiences she played and suffered from her large height. In parallel, she discovered another platform that will help her both love and finance herself during the pandemic.

She lost her job throughout 2020 in addition to the quarantine and everything the coronavirus pandemic meant. Marie worked as an accountant, but after this sad event she had to look for alternatives.

In a very short time, she became one of the most wanted members of Onlyfans app. The platform, which allows you to get paid for unique content, showed that it reached $100,000 in a month with the amount it produced during twelve months in the profession.

The Onlyfans model is almost 1.90 meters, 1.87 meters to be exact, something she currently uses to entertain her companions on social networks. Her followers like her to “play the game of becoming a giant,” she explained to an international portal.

In the content that Marie has published, she compares herself to items in the house such as the refrigerator, door or cupboard. This is how she describes herself as a “giant woman” and says she’s tired of being constantly asked what her real body is.

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