Who is Elan, the popular tiktoker who went viral for giving advice to her followers?

On social networks, Elan’s name quickly went viral after commenting on “weak people”. The singer surprised with some of the statements she made on her TikTok.

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Singer and influencer Elán gained a lot of fame on TikTok and other social networks when she started giving advice to her followers a while ago. She used a serious tone in some of her suggestions and an ironic tone in others. Since then, the woman has gained a lot of popularity and has achieved significant growth. She is currently embarking on the writing of “The practical guide to being happy (or a little less miserable)”.

Elán Sara DeFan, 38, became famous by posting a video where she talks about people “who can’t stand anything”, who, according to her, are “offended by everything”. Not surprisingly, this drew criticism for and against, but it also helped her stay in the limelight at the time.

She recently did a radio interview about her literary work, where she spoke and explored the impact she had had on the internet and how she started giving advice.


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“With music, I’ve reached many areas that I never thought of, but what social networks do is incredible, so they throw you on the ‘okay’ sides and you meet people. The last three years of my life have been absolutely crazy, opening up a space I never thought possible,” Elán commented while detailing his experience at TikTok.

“Maybe it’s not for everyone. ‘What’s wrong with that?’ There are a lot of people who say that because they really think I’m giving advice… I feel superior to others and say no, ‘I’ve been so stupid that I’m leaving’ to tell you what to do.

The singer said that she considers herself very transparent and sometimes does not cover all aspects of her life, because some of them are just for her, but always tries to convey how she prefers to live. He also stated that he sees his virtual activity as a job.

Elán said, “It’s okay if you’re not motivated, it’s normal to feel sad, helpless, alone. If it makes you feel any less bad being behind my cell phone, I’ve already accomplished what I wanted to do.

@elan_ still active with tips on her TikTok account.

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