Who is David Portnoy’s girlfriend Silvana Mojica?

They continue to maintain relationships with David Portnoy girlfriend Silvana Mojica. What do we know about the couple who are both social media celebrities?

David Portnoy and Silvana Mojica are couples who have been together for a long time. They both produce content on social media and this is how they gained their popularity. According to her boyfriend Silvana, she only used modeling poses on Instagram and that’s how she got her fame.

David Portnoy is an American internet celebrity, blogger and best known as the founder of sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports. He’s more famous than his girlfriend. Also, David has ventures and investments in many business lines.

Silvana Mojica is the new sweetheart of Barstool Sports pioneer Dave Portnoy. In the relatively recent past, the online entertainment big name unveiled that he had been of late investing a great deal of value energy with his Colombian sweetheart.

Here’s beginning and end you want to be familiar with Silvana Mojica

Dave’s sweetheart Silvana Mojica is a model by calling. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is accepted to be in her twenties right now. She fills in as an online entertainment showcasing collaborator for a clothing and style organization in Miami.

Prior to working in Miami, Mojica worked in Atlanta and Orlando. She went to Valencia College and soon a short time later she got a BA degree in Marketing from Florida State University.

While talking in a new episode of The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie and Co, Portnoy let the cat out of the bag on his own life and he discussed his better half Silvana. Around then, he said, “I’ve been investing a ton of energy with Silvana who you get some information about each week. “

Dave proceeded to say, “She simply could do without to rest when she goes out. She’s someone who likes to clear the floors. She’s going to the Derby with me, so that is a major step.” Silvana likewise shared a clasp of the episode via virtual entertainment.

Who is Silvana Mojica?

Silvana Mojica is a very attentive woman with her beauty. Although she is known as an Instagram star and content producer, her main occupation is modeling. When she shared her relationships with her boyfriend on social media, it became the agenda.

Instagram model and virtual entertainment powerhouse known for sharing design, swimwear, and way of life photographs on her self-named account. She periodically posts photographs with her family and their two canines. She has acquired than 220,000 fans on the stage. She made her Instagram debut in 2013 with a photograph of herself skydiving.

In 2020, she displayed a two-piece planned by Diva Boutique. She has likewise collaborated with Rockstar caffeinated drinks. In 2021, she started a relationship with Dave Portnoy.

She modeled for an image with Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports in March of 2022, which she presented on her silvanamojica Instagram page.

When did Dave and Silvana meet?

The beautiful model was not well known before she had an affair with Silvana Mojica’s boyfriend.

Page Six was the first to reveal their association.

Portnoy and Mojica were first sincerely connected to one another in March of a year ago. Both of them were supposed to date toward the beginning of March when Page Six distributed photos of the pair when they were in Miami.

Dave and Silvana had a night out at area of interest Komodo in Magic City’s Brickell area. Sooner or later, she additionally shared the snaps of the pair from their night out via virtual entertainment. By then, the extremely observant fans started expecting that both of them had a close connection.

Will David Portnoy and Silvana Mojica get married?

Fans continue to ask some curious questions about when David Portnoy and Silvana Mojica will get married. Although the couple continued to be together, the age difference between them was also talked about a lot. However, it is known that David and Silvana do not have any plans for marriage at the moment.

Silvana Mojica is a model born on April 7, 1995, and she said she didn’t care too much about the age difference between her and her boyfriend.

David Portnoy, on the other hand, had a previous marriage alongside his current girlfriend. David Portnoy married Renee Portnoy years ago and they lived together for 8 years.

Silvana Mojica has never been married! Along with her previous boyfriends, Silvana Mojica had her first long relationship with Dave Portnoy.

By following the famous model on Instagram, you can have more information about her private life.

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