Who is Briatney Portillo? brivtny tiktok what happened to her?

Who is Briatney Portillo and what happened to her? Brivtny managed to enter the trends with the video she shared from her tiktok account. Tikto user ONLYFANS star Briatney Portillo has hit the headlines when she said a heart attack following a TikTok challenge.

A TikTok client called Briatney Portillo has shared her frightening ‘dry scooping’ story to bring issues to light of the threats of the recent fad.

Back in April, a story arose on TikTok of a man who was hospitalized subsequent to eating eight scoops or dry pre-exercise powder.

Pre-exercise is an overall term for a scope of powders that are intended to be blended in with water and drank before an exercise to help energy, force, endurance and athletic execution.

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A hazardous recent fad has arisen on TikTok that includes ‘dry scooping’ the powder, which means devouring it without blending it in with water first.

Presently, another lady has taken to TikTok to share her ‘dry scooping’ story and urge others to gain from her mix-ups.

Who is Briatney Portillo?

Briatney Portillo, 20, is an OnlyFans star and model.

The 20-year-old endured a coronary episode in the wake of attempting a risky TikTok challenge.

Aside from her OnlyFans account, Portillo likewise shares TikTok recordings that have a great many perspectives.

What befell Briatney Portillo?

Portillo is one of numerous TikTokers who endeavored to finish the “dry scooping pre-exercise” challenge.

Dry scooping is taking a scoop of pre-exercise powder without weakening it in water.

The motivation behind this pattern is to probably support the impacts of the powder.

The OnlyFans star shared a video portraying her experience on TikTok.

In the video, the 20-year-old is in an emergency clinic outfit with a jokester channel over her face taking a gander at the camera.

She wrote in her vid: “Taking a dry pre exercise scoop since I saw it moving on tiktok. Winding up in the emergency clinic since I had a coronary failure.”

She disclosed to Buzzfeed how she started to feel “shivery and irritated” everywhere on her body.

While at the exercise center she said she “began to feel a weighty inclination in my chest and slight torment, yet it wasn’t really awful.

“I thought it was perhaps uneasiness or a terrible fit of anxiety, so I chose to simply disregard it and push through my exercise.”

Subsequent to showing up busy working she called an emergency vehicle where she was hurried to clinic.

Briatney uncovered that the powder she ‘dry scooped’ was Redcon1 Total War, prior to laying out her side effects: “Substantial chest, chest agonies, queasiness and exhaustion.”

In any case, she said that she kept on doing her exercise regardless of feeling sick as she suspected the side effects were typical.

She told BuzzFeed: “The agony went to my back and to one side arm and my left arm went marginally limp, so I realized those were manifestations of a coronary failure. I called 911 and the emergency vehicle came.”

The specialists at that point saw that her troponin levels were high, which implied that she was having a cardiovascular failure, and she was determined to have a NSTEMI coronary episode, which fortunately is least harming to the heart.

In another TikTok video, she said that she added a clasp of herself in medical clinic and said that she was “attempting to help individuals not commit a similar error”.


As the hazardous ‘dry scooping’ pattern keeps on flooding online media, we are seeing an ever increasing number of instances of individuals being hospitalized.

It’s tremendously essential to recall the dangers related with taking wellness supplements, as they can be inconceivably hazardous if not utilized accurately.

One of the essential fixings in supplement powders is caffeine, which is an energizer that expands pulse and circulatory strain. In the event that you burn-through an excess of caffeine, it can have many adverse consequences.

There are likewise numerous different fixings in wellness supplements that can be risky if an excessive amount of is devoured.

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