Who is Anime Girl Alice Delish?

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Who is “alicedelish” Alice Delish on social media?

Besides platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, he produces content for Onlyfans and her monthly income has reached thousands of dollars.

Attention to Alice Delish anime style, she lives in Russia and in a short time, she drives your imagination to win.

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Alice Delish: Age,Birth,Wiki

BIRTHDAYMay 3, 2002
AGE20 years old

Alice Delish is 20 years old and known as a social media content producer. She gains more interaction with her posts on Twitter. Also she is a girl in love with the anime world.

Russian Instagram star and cosplayer known for making character-based dream content. She has amassed more than 1 million devotees on her alice_delish account.

She sent off her Instagram account in April 2020.

In October 2021, she made a Freddy Krueger-enlivened ensemble for Halloween. It depended on the person from the 1984 film A Bad dream on Elm Road.

She is from Russia.

Her Instagram page includes a photograph of her doing cosplay as the person No Two from the anime series Dear In The Franxx.

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She’s someone who makes money with her XxX style content but is quite famous on social media. people seem to love her XxX Style videos and continue to support Her.

Her best feature is she is a quality anime cosplayer, she can almost replicate many characters in the young girl anime world. She also produces and shares very high quality photos. This success provides an increase in monthly income.

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