Who is Amy Kupps from OnlyFans? She quit teaching for OnlyFans!

A woman named Amy Kupp has been a teacher for many years. She opened the OnlyFans page as additional income. OnlyFans quit teaching to pursue her career after her jealous ex-wife revealed herself.

HISTORY educator Amy Kupps purportedly has a side hustle on OnlyFans.

Be that as it may, Kupps needed to make some profession changes when the school got some answers concerning her mysterious gig.

Who is amy kupps from onlyfans she quit teaching for onlyfans 1 gmspors

Who is OnlyFans’ Amy Kupps?

Kupps, 32, was a full-time history instructor to long term olds.

The instructor, who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, was assembled into a Zoom conference with the head and board individuals.

As indicated by the school’s set of accepted rules, possessing an OnlyFans account is against the school’s implicit rules.

OnlyFans is a computerized stage that adapts grown-up content when individuals buy in to a record.

Kupps was suspended by the school and eventually ventured down because of extreme humiliation from her associates thinking about the record.

Who is amy kupps from onlyfans she quit teaching for onlyfans gmspors

What did Amy Kupps say?

Kupps reviewed her experience on Zoom: “It was abnormal. I was shaking with dread and shame,” she revealed to Jam Press.

  • “They caused me to feel so little and sickening,” she added.
  • “I wasn’t humiliated about doing it, yet realizing my partners thought about it made me flinch.”
  • “I was so humiliated, I believed I had no real option except to venture down.”
  • “I adored that I had this side to me that nobody at school thought about.”
  • “I felt like a devious superhuman β€” instructor by day, seductress around evening time.”

How did the school discover Amy Kupps’ OnlyFans account?

Kupps considered how the school got some answers concerning her X-appraised account prior to thinking it was through her ex Theodore, who allegedly used to be envious of the consideration she got from the stage.

It worked out that Theodore purportedly introduced her OnlyFans record to the educational committee and asserted: “she merited it.”


Amy Kupp was a teacher at OnlyFans before she became a phenomenon. After her ex-wife sent her OnlyFans account to the school where she worked, the school principal said that it was not right for her to be a model at night and a teacher during the day. Kupp, who teaches history to middle school students, agreed to quit teaching to model for OnlyFans.

Amy and her husband Teddy divorced in 2020. Teddy, who admitted to feeling great pain after the divorce, filed a complaint about his wife’s OnlyFans account at the school where he worked. As the reason for the complaint, he showed that it was his idea to post on this site and that he did not want to share his earnings with him. Saying that he has a jealous nature, Teddy said, β€œIt was my idea to start OnlyFans. So I thought I should get half of the income. However, their posts made me jealous.”

Amy Kupp, who earns thousands of dollars a month thanks to her OnlyFans account, emphasized that she was very sad to quit teaching. Emphasizing that he has a good academic income, Kupp said, “I can return to teaching in the future.”

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